Know About Different Types of Accommodation Options in Singapore

Accommodation in Singapore

The cost of living in Singapore is affordable if compared to universities in the big destinations such as USA, UK and Australia.   This is one factor that makes Singapore an attractive destination for international students to seek high quality education.    The living costs would depend on a number of factors such as proximity of the property to the city, age of the property and availability of recreational facilities such as pool, gym, etc.   Continue Reading....

Admission and Visa Requirements to Study in Cyprus

Study in Cyprus

Why Study in Cyprus?

Cyprus is located at the intersection of the three continents, which are- Africa, Middle East and Europe.  It is blessed with natural beauty and has healthiest environments in the world.  Cyprus has also emerged as one of the leading business and financial centres. Continue Reading....

Detailed Visa Application Process to Study in USA

Study in USA

Undoubtedly, US is world’s leading destination for the international students to pursue their higher education.  Students from all around the world prefer visiting USA to pursue their education and achieve their goals.  As per the latest digits, it has come to forefront that 886, 052 students came to USA from all around the world to seek high quality education.   Continue Reading....

Migrate to Australia through Business Innovation Stream Visa

Business Innovation Stream Visa

Want to migrate to Australia?  Using Australia Business Innovation Stream Visa, you can get permanent residency. It is a temporary visa that lets a person apply for this visa along with the family.  People who have got experience and skills to do a business or establish a business in Australia can apply for this visa. Continue Reading....

What is the Procedure for Studying in New Zealand?

Studying in New Zealand?

Numerous students dream of studying abroad.  The process of applying for admission in foreign college or university is tedious and time-consuming. Therefore, it makes sense to apply through a licensed immigration agent who can guide you throughout the process so that you do not end up getting visa refusal or delays.  Continue Reading....

Frequently Asked Questions about Study in Australia

 Frequently Asked Questions about Study in Australia

Why Study In Australia?

The first question that must be boggling in your mind is, why you should study abroad.  There are a number of reasons why should you not.  Studying in a foreign country not only gives you an opportunity to learn about another culture and lifestyle, but also gain exposure. Continue Reading....

A Complete Guide to Overseas Education Loan

Overseas Education Loan

Most of the students aiming to study abroad are not able to fulfil their dreams just because they do not have enough expenses to cover their various expenses during their stay abroad.  The cost of living in the foreign countries greatly depends on the university, course, and duration of the course and cost of living in the country you are applying for.  Continue Reading....