Dependent Spouse visa Application Process Simplified

File your New Zealand dependant spouse visa application through an expert, Full Licensed Advisor Ms. Parwinder Kaur, licensed by Immigration Adviser Authority, New Zealand, who is based in Chandigarh, Punjab. The success chances of your dependent spouse visa application are very high if all the aspects of your application are complete. At West Highlander we ensure this and as a result the visa success rate of our company is very very high. Because of the vast and rich experience of 10 years, we have successfully got visas for applications which had previously been refused visas, sometimes 3 to 4 times and also had character concerns on them.

Choose experienced consultant to make your journey to join your spouse in New Zealand simple and enjoying.

Hundreds of applicants have already experienced our professional and transparent services at a very competitive price.

Unlicensed person cannot represent spouse application. Your spouse application will be refused if you get unlicensed Immigration advice.

Any person who is on a student visa can apply for visa of his spouse on work/tourist visa and kids on tourist visa as their dependents.

Whether your spouse is eligible to apply for work visa or tourist visa depends on the level of study you are doing in New Zealand.

Your spouse would be granted the visa for the same validity as your student visa.

One of the key factors of visa under dependent category is that you have established a genuine and a stable relationship with your partner have entered into the relationship with intention to maintain a long term partnership.

For this you need to provide documentary evidence of the relationship which is not limited to marriage certificate, photographs to name a few.

The documents must provide evidence that you have established your life together.

The success rate of our spouse application of a New Zealand student visa holder is excellent. We minutely see each and every aspect of the spouse work visa, spouse tourist visa application to ensure that it meets the Immigration policy instructions.


Who can give Immigration Advice

Any person who is providing New Zealand Immigration Advice in or outside New Zealand must be a Licensed Immigration Adviser or a person who is exempt from licensing. Licensed Immigration Advisers are certified by IAA- (Immigration Advisers Authority) New Zealand.

The Immigration Advisers Authority promotes and protects the interests of people who receive immigration advice. The IAA keeps online register of Licensed Immigration Advisers. If an adviser doesn’t appear on the online register, then they are unlicensed.

Who is Licensed Immigration Adviser

New Zealand licensed immigration advisers are skilled people who have met immigration adviser competency standards and who follow a professional code of conduct. Only Licensed Advisers have special expertise to give an Immigration Advice for New Zealand.

They are licensed with regulatory body. Gaining a license means that they’ve completed a rigorous process to enter the industry – and on-going professional development is required to continue to renew this license each year. This means they work to a strict code of conduct and ethics which is enforceable – and that you and your interests are protected. It’s a guarantee that they’re working in your best interests.

Your adviser must have a current license. Licenses are valid for one year

Types of Licensed Immigration Advisers:

There are three different types of immigration adviser license.

Immigration adviser licence types
Full Can provide you with advice on all immigration matters
Provisional Can provide you with advice on a full range of immigration matters but must be supervised by a full licence holder
Limited Can only provide you with advice on certain immigration matters

Benefits of using a Licensed Adviser

Licensed Advisers can give you an expert (professional) advice regarding your Immigration matters.

  • You will be in safe hands
  • You will get honest professional advice
  • You will get of clarity of Services provided
  • You will get timely updates regarding your application

They can help you in following matters:

  • Choosing the right visa option
  • Preparing Visa Application in ethical manner
  • Assess whether you can appeal on declined visa
  • Assess your options if you are in New Zealand unlawfully

Risk of using unlicensed people who are not exempt

  • You may get visa refusal because Unlicensed person has no immigration knowledge or skills
  • Your visa application may be returned by INZ because they don’t accept applications from unlicensed people who acts illegally
  • Unlicensed people may be dishonest with you and to Immigration New Zealand also so giving false information regarding your visa application is a criminal offence and dishonesty may affect your future visas or jobs, you may get visa refusal on character concerns

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