West Highlander provides a comprehensive range of immigration services to businesses and individuals from diverse backgrounds. We handle a broad range of applications ranging from student visa, dependent visas, work visa, business visas etc.  Our visa approval rate serve as a testimony to the quality of services we deliver. Our highly skilled and experienced professionals take the time to review your documents, prepare visa application and ensure submission of accurate application forms.  We know how to deliver effective immigration solutions.  We provide our clients a right combination of high values and competitive abilities.  We are committed towards providing students and budding entrepreneurs result oriented solutions so that their chances of success can be enhanced.  Over the last many years, we have assisted numerous pleased customers with their immigration applications.  We have helped thousands of clients turn their dream into reality by achieving their goals of studying abroad. We provide following services:


Student visas are non-immigrant visas, where any prospective students seeking higher education in another country must obtain a student visa for that Country. We provide the following services to our students:

  • Career pathway planning
  • College/University Selection
  • Admission processing
  • Visa filing processing
  • Medical Appointments
  • Visa interview preparation
  • Pre departure briefing
  • Post arrival services


This type of application typically applies to partner, family and children. We provide following services to our clients:

  • Assistance for documents preparation
  • Visa filing process
  • Medical appointment

West Highlander Travel Plus

West Highlander provides travel plus services to its study abroad and immigration clients. We provide air tickets, foreign exchange, overseas health and travel insurance and free international SIM cards to our clients at a very competitive and a reasonable rate. We have direct association with the bodies providing health insurance which is acceptable for study abroad visa application by embassies and immigration. The following are the features of our travel plus service:

  • Forex at low cost
  • Air Ticket at Competitive prices
  • Medical and Travel Insurance at reasonable rates
  • International Sim card free

Low Cost Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange is a process of exchanging one currency for another.  It can also be referred to the global market where currencies can be traded virtually.   The term “foreign exchange”, can also be abbreviated as “forex” or generally as “FX”. There are numerous options of exchanging currency. A few of them are In-network ATM, Ordering cash through bank, using currency converter, using prepaid debit card. Turning one’s dollars into cash one can use where he or she is traveling is a complex and potentially costly business, with all manner of fees and charges. But with a bit of knowledge and preparation, you can make sure you’re getting the most out of your dollars. Here at West Highlander, we help our customers to get foreign exchange at lowest rate.

Air Ticket at Competitive prices

We also let you fly within your preferred budget range by providing you discounts on air tickets. We ensure you never have to visit a travel agent, and waste time and money. We book airline tickets more easily and this avoids the searching for travel agents in your city, and going to their agency to manually book the tickets. We provide discounted air tickets which is more convenient. Our team assist our clients with the ticketing process so that they travel abroad hassle free.

Travel and Health Insurance at reasonable rates

It is mandatory for international students to take insurance plans before going to other countries. We provide travel and health insurance to our clients so that they won’t face any problem while travelling and studying abroad. Not only will these plans cover them for doctor visits and hospitalizations, they come standard with emergency medical evacuation, repatriation and miscellaneous travel benefits like lost luggage. Before you travel to other countries, you may be asked to provide your health certificates proving that you have had proper vaccinations against common diseases. We provide insurance policy to our clients.

International SIM card free with 50 Dollars validity

International travellers need a simple, fast and a reliable way to stay connected. We provide you solution in mobile connectivity wherever you travel.  We think about how to stay in touch and do not overpay for a talk. We are providing international SIM with 50 dollars talk time validity. Having international SIM card helps you to stay connected with your loved ones.  All you need is just insert international SIM-card into your phone.

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