Established since 2005 West Highlander is the most reputed and trusted study abroad and immigration consultancy. We are the most accredited study abroad and immigration company in the region. We have more than 16 industry accreditation and licenses. We have the highest visa success rate in the region which is close to 95%. We offer unmatched  skilled migration, Business migration , family reunion and study abroad services. We are focused to assist our clients with outstanding outcomes.

Join us as a West Highlander Franchisee, and we’ll help you develop the technical skills and local marketing plans to build a successful business which offers an attractive rate of return.

West Highlander franchise offer

  • A proven business concept with never ending scope
  • An investment with potential for an attractive financial return
  • Specified Territory
  • A well respected and recognised brand and corporate identity
  • Professional & Back Office Support

Our success is proven. The only unknown in the equation is you!

Operational Support

  • Technical, operational and commercial training onsite and at West Highlander head office.
  • Local start-up assistance by an experienced West Highlander person in your home market to help you in opening your branch
  • An operational/technical guidance on how to operate the business
  • Additional update training to stay in touch with the latest technological developments
  • A support hotline in our corporate office to guide you with any problems

 Back Office Support

  • A financial model which helps you to calculate your investment needs & income
  • A West Highlander company presentation to back up your negotiations with banks & investors
  • A professional CRM system
  • Business analysis facilities and know-how
  • Ongoing support from West Highlander financial department to track your Key Performance Indicators along the way to success

Sales & Marketing Support

  • Market analysis (both desk and field research, methodological support and local assistance)
  • Support to develop your sales and marketing strategy (market positioning, pricing, location search …)
  • Marketing communication techniques that you can use with your customers, including best practice examples of publicity material


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