Masters in Sweden for Indian students

Study in Sweden is an excellent opportunity for international students. Masters in Sweden for Indian students is very attractive as students get to Study in one of the most developed countries of the world which welcomes international students from across the globe. Along with getting world class education there are number of other benefits students enjoy while on Study in Sweden.
Universities in Sweden
Sweden has got some of the best Universities. Students aspiring to Study in Sweden can choose from number of programs of their interest. The Universities have got world class facilities. There are 2 main types of higher education institutions in Sweden

  • Universities and
  • University College
    Both the higher institutions award Bachelors and Masters Degree. The broad difference between these two is that the university college cannot award Doctoral degrees while a University can award this. International students aspiring to Study in Sweden may choose from a range of programs depending on their interest from 39 universities and university colleges offering programs in English.
    Masters programs in Sweden
    Masters programs in Sweden are of 2 types

  • Masters degree 60 credits of duration of 1 year full time study
  • Masters degree 120 credits of duration of 2 years full time study
    Students may choose from a broad range of Masters Programs for their higher studies in Sweden. Depending on their subject combinations in Bachelors they may choose to do

  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Informatics
  • Logistics
  • Marketing
    Study in Sweden requirements
    International students must fulfil General admission requirements as well as admission requirements specific Masters Course they wish to Study in Sweden.
    Admission and English language requirements

  • A recognised Bachelors degree equivalent to Swedish kandidatexamen
  • English language ability which can be demonstrated by Language tests like IELTS/ TOEFL or previous study completed in English.
  • The students may also need to meet specific entry requirements of the course they wish to do. For this they need to approach the University they wish to study
    There are 2 intakes autumn and spring. Majority of the programs start in autumn intake which is end of August. The spring semester starts in January. There are limited programs which start in Spring intake. Most of the programs which are conducted in English language start in autumn intake.
    There are two different rounds to apply for admission for both the intakes of spring and autumn. International students are encouraged to apply in the first admission round for the semester they wish to study in Sweden.
    Deadlines for autumn –August intake

  • First round of admissions opens mid October
  • Admission deadline for first round mid January
  • Second round of admissions open mid March of subsequent year
  • Admission deadline for second round of admission mid April
    Deadlines for spring – January intake

  • First round of admission open start of June
  • First round of admission deadline mid august
  • Second round of admission open mid September
  • Second round of admission close deadline mid October
    Visa application process
    International students need to apply for residence permit to Study in Sweden. After securing a place at the University in the desired course and paying the tuition fee student need to apply for their visa online with following documents

  • Passport
  • Current academics
  • Proof of English language if required
  • Living cost of SEK 85I4 per month for entire duration of the course
  • Admission letter
  • Fee receipt
  • Health insurance
    Study in Sweden cost
    Masters in Sweden cost – Average tuition fees are about SEK 125000. It depends upon the University and the course you have chosen to Study in Sweden.
    Living cost while on Study in Sweden is about SEK 8500 per month which includes expensed for accommodation, food, travelling, phone, internet and other miscellaneous daily expenses.
    Sweden Scholarships for Indian students
    There are many scholarships for International students in Sweden. Along with University scholarships students may also avail other scholarships of Swedish institute for Masters Degree study in Sweden. The scholarships may cover your tuition fee as well as your living cost. The scholarships are generally granted on the basis of your academic excellence. The motivational statement accompany your scholarship application is very important for consideration of the scholarship
    Benefits of Study in Sweden
    Doing a Master degree in Sweden has number of Benefits like

  • Family can apply and go along
  • Free education for kids
  • No limit on part time work during study
  • Work permit for spouse
  • PSW – extend your residence permit for an extra 12 months after study
  • While on PSW search for job or start a company. After finding a job within 12 months apply for a work permit
    Study in Sweden for Indian students comes with above advantages