Schooling in New Zealand

Schooling in New Zealand

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Teachers pay enough attention to school going students in New Zealand which makes them focused on their studies. The learning process is extraordinary than other nation, makes students more creative and independent to think big and innovative.

Schools in NZ are well equipped with all advanced facilities like internet, high-tech computers. They offer various exciting outdoor and indoor sports activities. Almost every school has its own playing fields and swimming pools too. Students take part in cultural activities which is well catered.

Teachers are very supportive in various manners not only in school hours but also out of school hours such as coaching a sports team, leading dream clubs and school music groups. Schools often take out students for educational trips which allow them to discover New Zealand’s natural surroundings. They even learn about various kinds of species.

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Various kinds of schools in New Zealand

There are three types of schools in the country:

State schools – They are owned and funded by the government

State integrated schools – They are with a special character

Private schools – They charge fix fees for a term or year

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  • Curriculum in NZ

    The curriculum of NZ guides what your child learns at school. Schools and communities utilize the New Zealand curriculum as a guide when designing a curriculum to meet local needs and interests.

    The motive of a curriculum is to make young people confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners. It comprises five key competencies to assist kids in doing well in life– symbols, text, managing self, participating, thinking, using language, and contributing. The five competencies can develop entire school life and woven into the eight key learning areas:

    • English
    • The arts
    • Health and physical education
    • Languages
    • Mathematics and statistics
    • Science
    • Social Sciences
    • Technology
  • Overseas Students

    New Zealand schooling visas are perfect for students to enroll in class 11th or National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) qualifications level 1, 2, and 3. If your kids’ age is around 12 or 13 years old, which school year they can be placed in also depends on giving them time to complete their National Certificate of Educational Achievement qualifications.

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