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The K3 visa is entitled to the applicant of visa for entering and residing in the US country as a nonimmigrant till the petition of immigrant visa filed by the petitioner is approved and the applicant has obtained the status of visa. K4 visa is interlinked with the unmarried children who are below 21 years of a K3 applicant obtains the K4 nonimmigrant visa status from the parent of K3 if the name of a children has been assimilated in the petition of K3 visa. This visa is obliging in shortening the separation among the foreign citizen and US citizen spouses. K3 visa also helps an individual to obtain the permanent residency after the petition is approved from Department of Homeland security (DHS) and US citizenship and immigration services (USCIS). Applicants of K3 visa can receive the K3 visa as well modestly. K4 visa is helpful for the applicants as it allows them to stay in the country.

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    • K3 nonimmigrant once receives the visa can apply for adjusting to a permanent resident anytime.
    • K4 nonimmigrant applicants can file an application for the [purpose of status adjustment anytime after filling the form I-130 on the individual behalf by the petitioner of US citizen.
    • K3 and K4 visa allows an individual for obtaining the authorization of employment.

    • To be eligible for the K3 visa it is significant that the immigrant applicant should be married to the citizen of US. Secondly, he/she is having the form I-130 that is pending and must be filed by the citizen of US on the behalf of an applicant.
    • To be eligible for K4 Visa it is important that he/she is unmarried and is below 21 years and also falls under the child of a qualified non-immigrant applicant of visa.

    • The complete process of the K3/K4 visa accumulates the filling of form that is specially meant for this visa and then after the form is filled then there is the requirement of attaching documents. Birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce or death certificate of spouse and police certificate is required.

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