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The peaceful, safe and beautiful island country Singapore, situated in Southeast Asia, has a famed education system. The primary, secondary and tertiary level education is funded by the state and the first language of the country is English. There are private institutions as well which provide all types of study courses for domestic and international students. In Singapore, international students get extra privileges than any other country. Singapore allows students to work on paid job training basis while they are studying.
On-Job Training (OJT) is a concept under which students are allowed to work for 6 months and gain on-job experience in their field. The OGT program is applicable on hospitality management, tourism management, resort management, casino management, logistics and supply chain management programs.
Several institutions providing study programs with OJT training –
FTMS Global – The famous educational academy provides Industrial Attachment with paid internship for PG Diploma, Higher Diploma and Diploma in International Hospitality and Tourism Management, Diploma in International Food and Beverage Service. Under the industrial attachment program, the study abroad aspirants are exposed to the actual work environment and are allowed to experiment and hone their skills. The students gain the opportunity to work in established hotels, and restaurants. Those students who are unable to secure job training opportunity are made to complete a 3-month Research Group Project.
Dimensions High School – To study in Singapore, the School of Hospitality provides students with Post Graduate Diploma Programs in Hospitality which have 6-months training option upon completion of theory based curriculum. They have campuses at River Valley Road, Jalan Seh Chuan, Lowland Road.
LSBF Singapore – It is highly accredited academic institution with well-qualified professional faculty. The institution provides Hospitality program which have paid on job training advantage. The overseas students can gain international exposure, develop working skill and personality and can opt for prospective employment opportunities upon completion of study in Singapore. The international students can work within Singapore or outside as the degree is recognizable all over the world. It provides OJT opportunity in Hospitality courses and Diploma in Supply Chain courses.
Above mentioned are the famed institutions to study in Singapore and are very famous among study abroad aspirants. The students can earn invaluable experience of hospitality and supply chain sector through these unique programs. If you consider learning more about study in Singapore, you can contact West Highlander Consultancy.

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