Top 4 reasons to hire best study in Ireland Education consultant

Last Updated on October 1, 2021 by West Highlander

The thought of study in Ireland can be very tempting yet confusing. Lack of knowledge about the Irish education system, best courses offered by the country, entry requirements, visa processing, and other immigration-related documentation can put you in a daunting situation. Fortunately, Indian student aspires to study abroad can seek guidance from a top study in Ireland Education consultant.

Why hire Study in Ireland consultants?

Career counseling for study in Ireland

The fresh school graduates are often filled with enthusiasm and zeal. The right career counseling can give the needed courage to these young minds.  Career counseling plays a crucial role in a student’s career as it is a life-changing decision. Thus, students wish to study in Ireland must look for a qualified Ireland education consultant who can offer them one on one consultation session. They must be able to understand the student’s profile, his/her expectations, and priorities. The consultant must provide detailed guidance on career opportunities in Ireland.

Guidance on admission requirements

Once the student is convinced with career opportunities and relevant course options they can study in Ireland, the next step is to get correct guidance on the admission procedure. A licensed Ireland education consultant who has a detailed understanding of the Irish education system can guide the Indian students at their best. You must ensure that the course and university in which you are investing your money must be worth it. The admission requirement for different countries and universities can vary. For instant,

To study in Ireland international students are required to pay the complete course tuition fee during admission if it is less than 6000 Euro.  On the other side, if the course cost is more than the given amount the student is required to pay the minimum amount of 6000 Euro in advance.

Additionally, before Appling to any educational institute in Ireland for undergraduate or postgraduate study, student needs to meet the Irelands national qualification framework requirement.

During the admission procedure, there could be many minor and major details that student needs to fulfill. An expert study in Ireland education consultant can help in submitting the documents to ensure your selection in the desired university.

Ireland student visa counseling

As soon as the student receives the acceptance letter from the university, the next crucial step is to preparing student visa documents and filing for visa. The visa filling process can be very tricky and time-consuming. Moreover, it brings the fear of refusal and wastage of your efforts. Thus, you must find an authorized Ireland student visa consultant who can help in sorting the visa filing process. An experienced study visa consultant can guide you on fund requirements, writing the statement of purpose, health insurance requirements, and other Ireland student visa related details. There are numerous terms and conditions Indian students need to follow to get acceptance for study in Ireland. For example:

International students cannot stay there for more than 7 years on their study visas. You need to provide a statement of commitment that you will leave the country on expire of your visa.

To study in Ireland, the student must provide evidence of funds (minimum 7,000 Euro) to ensure you can support your living expenses during your study in Ireland.

Support after visa arrival

Getting a visa is not enough as students might be still unaware of mandatory details to stay in a foreign country. Make sure to find an Ireland student visa consultant who can guide you about the dos and don’ts as per the Ireland visa policy. Make sure your study in Ireland education consultant also offers post landing support. This can help in easily settling down in a completely strange country. Being content with all the required information about Ireland’s student visa policies, rules, and laws of the country will save you from committing any unintentional or illegal offense.

Still not convinced to approach an Ireland education consultant? We understand your concern as in a world full of fraud immigration advisor companies, trusting any education consultant can be difficult. Here are points to select Ireland study consultant that ensures reliability and authenticity:

Licensed Ireland education consultant: A study in Ireland education consultant with government register license no. can be a reliable agency. As it ensures the agency meets the required requirements to be an authentic Ireland study consultant. You can also ask the company to show their accreditations to ensure receiving the best services.

Experienced Ireland education consultant: Experience is the most accountable skill in the immigration business. An experienced study in Ireland consultant can guide better compare to an unqualified individual.

Authentic and transparent services: Nothing could be better than a visa consultation company claims to offer 100% transparency in their services. This ensures you peace of mind as your source of information to study in Ireland is authentic.

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