Tuition, Cost of Living and funds required for study in Ireland

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Ireland is one of the island countries home to some of the finest universities in the world. The leading universities in Ireland specialize in natural sciences, technology, economics and humanities. There are more than 2 dozen universities and institutes of technology in case you are an international student planning a career ahead in engineering and technology. Both bachelors and Masters in Ireland is a lucrative opportunity for the professional growth and comparatively cheaper as compared to many other European study alternatives. Going forward we will be discussing the cost of studying, living and other requirements for studying in Ireland for International students.

Popular Universities in Ireland

  1. University College Dublin Belfield
  2. Trinity College
  3. University College Cork
  4. National University of Ireland
  5. University of Limerick
  6. Dublin Institute of Technology
  7. Dublin City University
  8. Maynooth University
  9. Royal College of Surgeons
  10. National University of Ireland Galway
  11. Waterford Institute of Technology and several more universities and Colleges are there in Ireland which your Ireland study advisor in Chandigarh, West Highlander can guide you on.

Fee structure for Studying in Ireland

Tuition cost for studying in Ireland would vary depending on the course, degree level and duration of the program.

Average Course Fee

Undergraduate level Courses Annual Fee
Business €9,850 – €19,500


Engineering €9,850 – €25,500


Science & Technology


€9,850 – €25,500


Arts and Humanities


€9,850 – €19,500


Medicine & Health Sciences


€39,500- €55,000


Postgraduate level Courses Annual Fee
Business €9950 – €34,500
Engineering €9950 – €25,000


Science & Technology


€9950 – €27,000


Arts and Humanities


€9950 – €19,000


Medicine & Health Sciences


€18,000 – €32,000



Cost of Living in Ireland

 On an average an international student would spend €7,000 and €12,000 per year.

Cost Monthly
Rent €427
Utilities €28
Food €167
Travel €135
Books  & Class materials €70
Clothes/Medical €41
Mobile €31
Social life/Misc €75


Requirements for Studying in Ireland

  1. All qualification certificates and transcripts
  2. Evidence accounting for any gaps in your educational history
  3. Language Proficiency score IELTS/TOEFL/CLA/PTE. IELTS minimum 5 or its equivalent in other language examination.
  4. Letter of Acceptance from the college. In case the course fees are less than €6,000, fees must be paid in full to the college prior to applying for your visa. If the course fees are in excess of €6,000, you must pay at least this amount prior to applying for your visa and evidence of this should be shown in your Letter of Acceptance. This minimum amount is an Immigration requirement
  5. Evidence fees have been paid to college.
  6. Medical Insurance too needs to be provided.

Funds Requirements for Studying in Ireland

  1. You must show that you have sufficient funds to support your stay in Ireland without recourse to public funds, or the reliance on casual employment
  2. You and/or your sponsor(s) have ready access to at least €7,000 for each year of your studies in addition to course fees for each of those years.
  3. For cost of living for first year an “education bond” with a minimum value of €7,000 would be required. For this consult your Ireland study advisor.

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