Tuition, Cost of Living and funds required for study in Sweden

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Sweden is popular for its friendly international approach and has an education system which is known for its exceptional quality. There are more than 1000 degrees programs taught entirely in English. Sweden gives international students right to work in Sweden during studies and also provides opportunities for employment with post study work permits and numerous career opportunities.

Tuition and Cost of Living in Sweden

The average tuition cost for international students yearly is approximately SEK 80,000 per year (approximately 7,915 EUR or 9,523 USD as of Feb, 2021) to SEK 295,000 (or approximately 29,188 EUR or 35,117 USD). Further if we consider living costs in Sweden it would depend on the city you are planning to live. Including rent you could be spending approximately 8,568 SEK per month including rent (approximately 848 EUR or 1,020 USD). Students can opt for several scholarships which can ease their way for financial cost.

Scholarships for International students

  1. BTH Scholarships
  2. Chalmers University of Technology scholarships
  3. Dalarna University scholarships
  4. Halmstad University scholarships
  5. Jönköping University scholarships
  6. KTH Royal Institute of Technology scholarships
  7. Karlstad University scholarships
  8. Karolinska Institutet scholarships
  9. Kristianstad University scholarships
  10. Linköping University scholarships
  11. Linnaeus University scholarships
  12. Luleå University of Technology scholarships
  13. Lund University scholarships
  14. Malmö University scholarships
  15. Mid Sweden University scholarships

Cost of accommodation in Sweden

There are different types of accommodation available for international students which differ as per the city and the university they choose. Sweden University of selection of the international student may provide guaranteed housing or not depending on the availability. One can check with the Sweden University for the Accommodation Option. Rent you pay will generally depend on several things including city, and size and type of accommodation.

Other costs of studying in Sweden

All students in Sweden need to buy their own textbooks and on average spend 750 SEK/month for this purpose.

The cost of healthcare for international students varies depending on whether you are an EU/EEA/Swiss citizen or not as well as the duration of your studies in Sweden.

Why study in Sweden

  1. You can Apply along with your family- spouse and children and enjoy perks and benefits.
  2. Travel together with your family spouse and children to Sweden and various beautiful scenic locations.
  3. Free education for spouse and children of study in Sweden applicant. The main applicant international student has to pay tuition fee and other academic expenses while education is free of cost for the spouse and children of the international student.
  4. Full-time Work opportunity during Study is available for international students.
  5. Post study work visa of 12 months after study is also available.
  6. Hassle free visa process and quick processing time.

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