UK Visitor Visa Parents/Family/Friends

UK Visitor Visa Parents/Family/Friends

This visa is for people who would like to visit the UK to see their family & friends.


To be eligible to apply for this visa you must prove that you are a bonafide applicant, you will leave the UK at the end of your visit, you have enough finances to support yourself while in the UK. An applicant also needs to provide details of his travel for the duration of visit, place of stay, activities you tend to do in the UK.

The processing time for this visa is quick. It’s about 3 weeks from the date you apply for your visa application. If the visa is granted, one can usually visit the UK for up to a period of 6 Months.

If you need to visit the UK on regular basis and you have verifiable documentation to prove your purpose to visit regularly you have an option to apply for a long visa which lasts more than 6 Months. In long-term visit visa, you can stay for a period of up to 6 months on this long-term visit visa.

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  • The visa fee for visitor visa – standard is £89 and for long-term visa. It depends on its length. For 2 years it is £337.

    To prove your eligibility you need documentary evidence, if you do not provide sufficient verifiable documents to prove your purpose of visit that you are a bonafide applicant that you would leave the UK at the end of your visa, that you have enough finances to support your stay and any other point you may have to prove – your visa application may be refused.

    To properly and accurately file your application you need advice and guidance of people who are experts in this field and can ensure positive results for your visa application. A person to file a case properly needs to have through, in-depth and updated knowledge of the policies governing the visitor visa category. The burden of proofs and evidence is on the applicant. You will be able to give your consultant the exactly required documentation if your consultant understands what documents are required.

  • Your intention to visit the UK has also to be documented through paper evidence. Our team at West Highlander is a group of professional consultants who understand this very clearly. So we take utmost precaution in filing your cases and give our customers customized checklist which makes a paper collection of them.

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    Choosing the right visa category and providing supporting documentation is very important for the success of visa application. West Highlander has a tremendous success rate of family visa application. We look into the details f the case minutely so that it can be presented properly with the embassy. We have years of experience in dealing with complicated cases having a number of refusals before the case came to us. We successfully removed all the objections and we have a number of happy clients who successfully joined their spouses after applying for their visas through Ms Parwinder Kaur, Licensed immigration adviser.

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