Why one should prefer to go Ireland for study

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The Europe has always been a great place in terms of traveling and work but the study is one such reason for which most students prefer to go Europe only. Ireland makes the Europe best destination to study as it is a fastest growing economy in the world. The education system in Ireland is highly valued for its class. The country has long established a reputation for its quality education. Students who are seeking for International education can choose this brightest destination for making a great career.

This is not a single reason behind to choose this beautiful island nation as a study destination as the culture breathtaking landscapes and the welcoming nature of Irish people are other reasons to go to the country. It doesn’t mean that you are the alone who is choosing Ireland to study because around 20,000 overseas students take admission in Ireland’s higher education institutional every year. You will shock to hear that more than half comes from non-EU countries.

The education system in Ireland is wide in scope and includes the university sector, the colleges of education and private, independent colleges and the technological sector. Some institutions are autonomous and self-governing and some substantial state funded.

Universities in Ireland offer various programs from Certificate level to Doctoral level. Engineering and Technology are the two core areas which are quite popular among overseas students. I must tell you that Ireland is considered as the largest exporter of IT software across the world.

Here are some of the top reasons to study in Ireland:

The country is dynamic and modern with your population. It is internationally recognized for being safe and friendly. It respects all traditions and it has a technology-oriented economy. The country emphasizes on education.

Ireland is growing an economy and has set a benchmark doing world-class research. Ireland is associated with approximately 74% international partner for doing research in various fields. More than half international collaborations across the globe are covered by European institutions with 58%, North America with 22% and Asia with only 11%.

The country is doing well in every field of education. It has also ranked good in various other fields such as computer sciences, material sciences, nanosciences and more. Going Ireland can be a wise decision for making bright future. For this, you need to consult with a professional consultant like West Highlander.

Students can achieve following academic awards at Irish third Level intuitions:

• Higher Certificate: Two-year full-time course
• Ordinary Bachelors Degree: Three-year full-time course
• Honors Bachelors Degree: Normally a three or four-year course
• Graduate Diploma: usually a one year course.
• Masters degree: Either by research or through a taught pro. Normally, one or two year duration.
• Doctorate (Ph.D.): it takes a minimum of three years of original research Academic years starts every year in September and ends by June. The deadlines for almost all program fall between 1st Feb and 1st May. The academic year is divided into two or three semesters.

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