Why only study in Ireland? Facts that reveal everything

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Education plays an important role in everyone’s life in terms of overall development, enhances personality, confidence and many more things. It offers you great career opportunities to a student and enables him or her to have a bright career. When it comes to studying abroad Lots of students want to settle in Ireland just because of its high-level education system and a number of achievements by its many educational institutions in the field of education.

Experience by the students studying or have studied in Ireland:

The students that have studied in the universities in Ireland had a great experience and have reported a great satisfaction in their experience in international study. There are several reasons for the choice and popularity of the education in the universities of Ireland by the students. Some of the reasons are:

  • Innovative programs
  • Community atmosphere
  • Multicultural life mix
  • Vivid student life
  • Support structures for students
  • Excellent teaching faculty
  • Quality of teaching
  • Friendly attitude of the teachers
  • Lively campus
  • Small size of the class
  • Value of the degree at the international level


Numerous other reasons apart from the above-mentioned reasons are described below:

Friendly environment

Ireland is rated 13th by the Global Peace Index out of 158 nations. This country is considered as the friendliest, safe and secure nation in the world. The education system of Ireland ensures that the students who come to visit will settle in the safe atmosphere and get all the information required by them to stay.

English language

Ireland makes use of English language the most, although having its own language. It is the only European country making use of English language. As a result of this, the multinational companies with European base prefer to locate there. Even some multinational companies are establishing English as their corporate language, so as to increase trade and business functions across different geographical locations. It is the only language, which is used by near about 565 million individuals on the internet.

Outstanding education system

The outstanding and the reputation of the education system have laid an excellent foundation for the commitment of excellence.

Some of the universities in Ireland have been awarded with the outstanding International student satisfaction award. While some universities have been awarded with the excellent international student satisfaction award. Not only the Irish universities but also there are numerous universities with a very good ranking in different countries of the world.

Ireland is continuously growing as a location meant for world-class research. In the year 2014, there were approximately 74% international partners with them. The international collaborations across the globe are covered the most by the European institutions- 58%, North America with 22% and Asia with only 11%. There are several study abroad consultants providing a help to go abroad and study.

Ireland has not only proven outstanding or excellent in the field of education. It has also ranked good in several other fields. These fields include immunology, computer sciences, material sciences, nanosciences, etc.

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