Why study Masters in Sweden?

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With globally respected universities, numerous Masters programmes in Sweden are available for Swiss students and international students planning to pursue higher degrees. Going forward we would be discussing benefits of Masters in Sweden.

Postgraduate opportunities in Sweden

Studying a Masters in Sweden means numerous opportunities to live and study in a country that has always valued intellectual endeavours. Sweden is a country that is home to Nobel Prize and academic research is known internationally. Universities in Sweden have liberty to design their own course structures and programs and there are wide number of programs in Masters to choose from.

The modern and highly developed society with liberal attitudes and lifestyle choices makes Sweden a country preferred by many these days. The country is sparsely populated and immigrants make up more than approximately 10% of the total population.

Why consider Masters Degree in Sweden?

Here are some of the reasons to consider studying Masters in Sweden:

  1. Sweden has appeared at the top of various quality of life metrics.
  2. Sweden has an innovative economy and has a long history of technological innovations. Spotify, Ikea, H&M are some of the brands as we know today which have a Sweden origin.
  3. The country accounts for numerous forests, lakes, mountains and beaches. The recreational activities and natural surrounding make for a great weekend getaway.
  4. International students can work while studying in Sweden and there is no limitation on the number of hours international students can work in Sweden while pursuing a Masters degree.
  5. There are more than 39 Universities and oldest University was established in the year 1477 which is Uppsala University.
  6. A Masters in Sweden is usually for 1-2 years and academic year is between September to June.

 Best Universities for Studying Masters in Sweden

  1. Karolinska Institute
  2. Lund University
  3. Uppsala University
  4. Stockholm University
  5. University of Gothenburg

Cost for Studying in Sweden

Each university has their own fee structure, which usually range between €7,575 and €25,570 per academic year.

Study in Sweden requirements

  1. The minimum entry requirement for Masters course in Sweden is a completed Bachelors degree with minimum 50-60%.
  2. One can have an IELTS waiver for studying a science and B Tech courses. Consult a Sweden Study Consultant in Chandigarh, West Highlander to know the various programs.

Spouse and children can go along and full time work during study option is available. 12 months of Post Study Work Permit is available. The two intakes are September and January.

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