Canada Study Visa 2022 September Intake – 3 Important Tips for Students

Last Updated on January 5, 2022 by West Highlander

Canada is one of the favourite study abroad destinations among students would like to go to a foreign country for their further studies.

There are many reasons for this. Canada has earned very good reputation among international students. Students can choose from hundreds of available courses for their further study in Canada.

One of the very attractive points for study in Canada is the option of post study work visa upon successful completion of study. Students who have successfully completed their study while on Canada study visa may be eligible for post graduation work permit of 3 years depending on the level of the course they have completed.

There are certain things which the students must take care of while applying for Canada study visa for September 2022 intake. These are as follows

First Tip to apply for Canada study visa for September 2022 intake

The first and foremost is of applying for the offer of a place in a timely manner. Students must not think that there is plenty of time for September 2022 intake and that they can wait to apply for offer letter. There is a reason behind this. As previously said that Canada is one of the preferred study abroad destinations among international students the seats for the Intakes get filled up very quickly. If you wait for the last moment to apply for your offer letter there are very high chances that you may not get a seat for September 2022 intake.

So the first golden rule to secure a seat for September 2022 intake is to start the admission process right now.

Second tip to apply for Canada study visa for September 2022 intake

It is not only to apply well in advance for your study in Canada application. Along with this it is also of very high importance that the students choose a course which is relevant and a logical progression of their present academic history and any work experience they may hold.

So the second golden rule for your Canada study visa application is to choose relevant and reasonable course.

Canada student visa aspirants may take the services of an experienced expert and a qualified study in Canada Consultant for their applications.

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Third tip to apply for Canada study visa for September 2022 intake

Once you have successfully got your offer of a place it is very important that you start with the further process which includes payment of your tuition fee. This is very important as there is validity time for your offer of a place. By paying your tuition fee you finally secure your seat and can start the Canada student visa process.

Another very important reason to pay your tuition fee as soon as possible is that you get enough time for the processing of your study visa permit. Once you have paid your tuition fee you start the collection of other Canada study visa documentation like

  • Opening of a GIC account
  • Transferring funds of Canadian Dollars 10000 into your GIC account
  • Arranging for upfront medical exam
  • Preparing extra funds if your application falls into non SDS category for Canada student visa

Students need to compile all the above documentation and then submit their student visa application. After submission of your application the process may take time so the students must submit their visa application well in advance so that they can make for the September 2022 intake.

Third golden rule is to submit the Canada student visa application well in time

So starting the Canada study visa process well in advance has its own logical reasoning.

For any query related to your Canada study visa for September 2022 intake applicants can contact West highlander. They can help you with all of your queries related to selection of your course, short listing of university or a college you would like to study in Canada, guiding you about the admission requirements your admission application to a college in Canada