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Marrying with a person who has New Zealand student/work visa, resident /citizen makes you eligible to apply as a dependent visa or spouse visa. The category of your visa work or visitor is based on the visa your partner/spouse holds. You need to make sure you are choosing the right visa category and producing accurate documents for that category for your spouse visa or dependent visa application to secure visa successfully. Immigration New Zealand only accepts spouse visa applications from New Zealand licensed Immigration advisers. We have qualified Immigration lawyer Mrs. Parwinder Kaur Licensed by Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA), License no. 201002008. She has years of experience in managing such immigration processes. She has handled more than 1000 spouse visa applications for New Zealand. We have successfully dealt with refused spouse visa applications with successful outcome.

Four Fold Test

There are many factors which Immigration New Zealand considers while assessing your partnership application. You must satisfy the four fold criteria for partnership

  • Genuineness of relation
  • stability of your relationship ,
  • Credibility of information provided and
  • living together criterion

Character Requirements

You must be of good character in order to be granted New Zealand dependent spouse visa. You must not provide any false or misleading information to INZ. If you previously have any character issues with INZ you must have character waiver approved before being granted any visa.

Health Requirement

You must have acceptable standard of health to be eligible for grant of New Zealand visa.

Our Success rate

Ms. Parwinder Kaur director at west Highlander immigration consultancy is the most experienced Licensed Immigration adviser for New Zealand in the Chandigarh, Punjab region. Our top-notch services make us stand out of the crowd and till date we have successfully served hundreds of clients. We have excellent success rate in spouse visa applications for New Zealand. We have handled cases with character concerns and have got character waivers for our clients. Ms. Parwinder is a licensed immigration adviser since 2010. Under licensing act of 2005 it is illegal to give and get unlicensed immigration advice for New Zealand under all categories unless exempt. There are many student visa agents in the region and student visa falls under exempt category, but visitor or work visa of that students ‘s spouses is not exempt from immigration advice. You need to consult licensed immigration adviser who has experience in spouse visa applications. At West Highlander Immigration you are at the best place in the region.

  • Expert in Review and Appeals
  • 1000+ Spouse visas Handled
  • Licensed By IAA
  • Accurate Assessment
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  • You are eligible for New Zealand spouse visa if your spouse or partner holds a student, work or resident visa of New Zealand. Under student visa you are eligible to apply for work visa if your spouse is studying in a level 8 and higher or pursuing a bachelor degree of level 7 qualification that falls under long term skills shortage list. But keep in mind immigration New Zealand will have final call on this, and also check the latest rules and eligibility conditions with immigration New Zealand  or book an appointment with us.
  • One of the very important factors to consider while applying for New Zealand dependent visa is that you must establish a genuine and stable relationship with your partner. Proving this aspect requires solid documentation. Relationship proofs are just not limited to providing marriage certificates, photos, and videos of the marriage. One needs to provide other documentation which reflects your genuine relationship. 

Qualifying Criteria

  • You qualify to apply for a dependent work visa if your spouse is NZ resident, citizen, is on a work visa, or  on a student visa with a course level 8 or above or pursuing any course in long-term skill shortage list. You must have a clear medical record and a clear character record to qualify for this. Any concern regarding your character must be addressed and a character waiver is granted to go ahead with your dependent visa / spouse visa application.

Features and Benefits:

  • Licensed Immigration adviser, Licensed by Immigration Advisor Authority, NZ
  • Holder of full License
  • Years of Experience with excellent success rate
  • Successful experience in dealing with complicated cases
  • Accurate case assessment for successful outcome of applications
  • Successful applications for character waiver
  • Competitive prices with excellent services

Why Refusal occurs?

  • Your spouse visa application for New Zealand  can be refused due to various reasons, there may be Insufficient Documentation, not enough Finances, Obligations, Character Concerns, health Concerns and more. A spouse visa applicant  is required to produce each and every required document in support of your application. If he or she is having insufficient evidence, his/her file may get rejected; hence you require to arrange sufficient evidence along with your spouse visa/ dependent visa application.NZ authorities can raise an objection to your spouse visa / dependent visa application or may reject it if the obligation to return home country is not mentioned. Immigration wants Character certificate, if you are not able to show character certificate or you are involved in any illegal activity, your file can be rejected. While applying for dependent visa /spouse visa, you must provide health certificate to NZ authorities showing you are fit, if not your application will get into the rejection category.You must show the proof that your marriage is legal. If you fail to produce the evidence of your marriage, Immigration will not grant you a visa.To prevent yourself from any of above issue you need to approach  New Zealand immigration adviser  like us who are efficient to manage any complicated case in a snap. Your spouse visa/ dependent visa application can be rejected if you take unlicensed advice.

Why West Highlander

  • Choosing the right spouse  visa category and providing supporting documentation is very important for the success of dependent  visa application. West Highlander has a tremendous success rate in spouse  visa applications for New Zealand . We look into the details of the case minutely so that it can be presented properly with the embassy. We have years of experience in dealing with complicated and refused spouse visa cases with  having a number of refusals before the case came to us. We successfully removed all the objections and we have a number of happy clients who successfully joined their spouses after applying for their spouse  visas through Ms Parwinder Kaur, Licensed immigration adviser by IAA, New Zealand.

Steps in process

  • STEP-1 : Gather documentation of your relationship history
  • STEP-2 : Go for medicals & Police Clearance Certificates
  • STEP-3 : Gather other personal documentation
  • STEP-4 : Apply for your visa with Immigration, New Zealand