Study in CANADA

Study in CANADA

Study in Canada under Student Direct Stream (SDS), Assured visa success.


If you are looking for quality education, safe environment, practical experience along with settlement options study in Canada is  the perfect choice for you. Study in Canada offers you access to very high quality practical education at a very reasonable price. Education in Canada is competitively  priced , it will not hurt your pocket. Average tuition fee in Canada is in the range of CAD 15000 to 20000 ( INR 7 to 10 lac) which you can pay by semester ( about INR 3-5 lac), you are also allowed to work part time which can help you cover a part of it.  As an international student you have the option to study  diploma, advanced diploma or bachelor degree after 10+2 or study graduate diploma, post graduate diploma or masters degree after graduation . You can chose from wide range of institution and programs depending on your budget. There is no bias as to how your visa application will be looked at depending on your choice, all visa applications for study in Canada are treated equally irrespective of the institution. So you can chose to study in a community college , private college or university. Study in Canada process is fairly simple all you need is at least second division in your last qualification along with sufficient IELTS score.  we at west Highlander strive hard to provide you with complete, fair and  transparent information to make your Canada dreams come true.

Study options– As an international student you have a wide range of institutions and programs to choose from;

Community Colleges are Canadian government funded institutions offer job oriented practical  courses for entry , junior and middle level skilled jobs. These institutions mainly focus on trade certificates, skill diplomas and some degrees also. They have very high job outcome and courses are reasonable priced. They work very closely with industry bodies to prepare manpower for them. If you are looking for a great job outcome without a fancy university tag, community colleges are the best bet for you. Study in Canada at a community college does not require too much bookish study but practical workshop practice with some theory is a good choice for you , if you do not want to study theory so much.

Private Colleges offer low cost but very high quality education at bachelor and master degree level. These institutions generally offer programs in hospitality, business, IT  and accounting which does not require practical workshops and huge campuses. There fee is comparable with community colleges and are much less as compared to public universities. In most cases their campuses are located in the heart of city in CBD. If you are looking forward to study in Canada in the heart of CBD Vancouver or Toronto this is the best bet for you.

Universities in Canada have excellent academic & research facilities . North America not only shares its border with Canada but lots of other things including education. More than 20 Canadian Universities are at the top position among top 500 in the world. University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University, McMaster University & the University of Alberta are ranked in top 100 in the world. The country is well developed and one of the most sort skills and learning destinations in the world. The best part of the country is a low crime rate which gives assurance of safest environment to international students to continue their studies. The country is known for its best and world-class education system. The college and universities offer a range of undergraduate and graduate courses in various fields.

Other Benefits

While studying in Canada a student can work as a part-time during a term and full-time during vacations. Canadian are more friendly people rather than other country and the Universities and colleges are very professional and efficient.

Students are allowed to drive there having a valid international driving license. A valid driving license may be work for a certain time in Canada.

Students are entitled for 2-3 years of post study work visa depending on their level of study. With the implementation of Student Direct Stream SDS all Designated Learning Institutes (DLI) are eligible to accept overseas students, but beware all of them are not eligible for post study work visa, click here to know more.

Students with skilled jobs or nomination from one of the provinces can apply for Permanent Residence of Canada. 

Why West Highlander

Parwinder Kaur, one of the key personnel  at West Highlander is a Canada course graduate (CGC00099) West Highlander is a ICEF accredited agency and has ICEF trained counsellor having experience in overseas study counselling.Firm foundation of counselling staff of study in Canada which helps students aspiring to study in Canada understand Canadian education system & its benefits.Complete & in depth information about study option in Canada.Information about how to apply to study, and prepare for living in Canada.Information about tuition fees and cost of living in Canada.Increase your chance of admission success by applying through qualified and licensed consultant.West Highlander is a leading study abroad immigration consultant in Chandigarh with many years of experience of study in Canada. The expertise & experience of West highlander team makes your study in Canada dream come true.

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Canada calling- Student Direct Stream or SDS launched for India

The Government of Canada has recently launched Student Direct Scheme or SDS for Indian students aspiring to study in Canada. The residents of Indian can apply for student visa to Canada under Student Direct Scheme (SDS)online or on paper.

Faster Processing

Under this new launched Study Direct Scheme (SDS)your Canada study visa application will be processed faster as compared to regular study permit application

Low Documentation Requirement

The documentation requirement is not complicated. You need to pay one year tuition fees and have GIC of $10000.


You must have offer letter from designated learning institute

You must have paid one year tuition fee upfront

You must have GIC –Guaranteed Income Certificate of $10000

You must have IELTS score of 6 in each of the four modules

Important point

If you are a citizen of India but live in another country you cannot apply under this student direct stream (study direct scheme)

Colleges and Universities

Any college with DLI number (designated learning institute) can support your application for SDS student visa for Canada. You need to fulfil 3 basic requirements of having IELTS 6 in each module, pay one year tuition fee and purchase Guaranteed Income Certificate of $10000. So the student has got wide variety of colleges to choose from which means no longer waiting for intakes. Now the student has got number of options to apply for admission under SDS scheme.  If the student has already done his IELTS he can apply in next immediate intake.

Getting Canada Student Visa under Student Direct Stream or SDS Scheme

Getting student permit to Canada has become quite easy. The documentation requirement is very simple and easy. But it is very important that your consultant for Canada Student Visa does not take your application lightly. Your consultant must guide you properly about application forms and the information required to be filled there. Even small incomplete information may get you Canada visa application under SDS scheme. The offer letter part is very important. The course you are going to study in Canada must be relevant and match your career progression. If these two things are not clear to the visa officer there are high chances that your study visa to Canada may get refused.

Why West Highlander

At West Highlander we understand that the first step of getting admission in a right and relevant course is very important to get second step of Visa successful. We take care that we counsel the student and suggest them courses as per their present relevancy and level of study. Once this has been successfully done the second step of visa filing with CIC Canada has got good chances of Success. Ms Parwinder Kaur Canada Course Graduate (CGC00099)   has years of experience in guiding students about study options as per their profile. The team at West Highlander is well equipped with the knowledge about different course options suiting the applicants thus making their study in Canada admission and visa application a convenient and a smooth process. West Highlander is the best Study in Canada consultant in Chandigarh.

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