Canada Spouse Visa for Student & Worker

Canada Spouse Visa for Student & Worker

Check your eligibility to apply for student spouse visa.

Canada student  spouse visa/  Canada spouse of a work visa holder

International students studying in Canada and work visa holders  are eligible to  apply visa for their Canada spouse visa. As per the Canadian visa policy  you can apply for open work visa for your spouse if you are a full-time student at a university, community college, CEGEP or other authorized educational institution or on a work visa. Your partner  gets a work permit as spouse of an international student /work visa holder.

On a open work permit a person can work for any employer in Canada. There is absolutely no requirement of any kind of job offer. There are plenty of job opportunities available which you can avail while in Canada on work permit based on your Canadian

spouse visa. You gain valuable Canadian work experience along with staying close to your family members. There are some jobs which you cannot do because of some policies .

The duration and  validity of your Canadian open work visa as a spouse  will be usually the same as the student visa/ work visa of your spouse.

It is very important to provide information about all your present dependents while applying for student visa or work visa. If you have any of the dependents whose information was not provided during your study permit/ work permit application there will be problem with their applications. The exception is only with the persons who became your dependents after your application was filed.

Any dependent minor kids can study in Canada even though they may be on a visitor visa.   In Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Saskatchewan, the age of majority is 18, while in British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut and Yukon it is 19. Children below the specified majority age  are considered as minors.

The processing time of  these Canada spouse or dependent visa applications  is of about 9 weeks.

So Canada is a great place to study and work  and provides ample opportunities to the spouse and  dependent children.   To avail all these opportunities one needs to be very careful while applying for the Canada spouse  visa.  Even a minor carelessness with the documentation can result in refusal of the  visa forcing you to stay away from your family .Your need the services of a qualified and an experienced  Canada spouse visa consultant  who knows the rules for spouse visa and can provide you with a tailored checklist based on your profile.  Apply through licensed and regulated consultants for hassle free visa services.

Success in Canada spouse visa depends on fulfilling policy conditions. So you or your consultants should have thorough knowledge of policy and conditions, not understanding or fulfilling even a single condition may result in refusal of your spouse visa for Canada. You need to be sure and check your eligibility before applying your Canada spouse visa, all spouses are not eligible to apply for open work visa, in some cases you may be eligible for a spouse visitor visa. But if you do not choose and apply for right kind of visa, it will result in delay and ultimately refusal of your Canada spouse visa.

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  • Features of West Highlander

    • Regulated Canadian immigration Consultants (ICCRC) on board.
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    • Canadian spouse visa eligibility assessment, if you meet the policy requirements.
    • Collect evidence and documentation in support of your application for canadian spouse visa.
    • Meet health and character requirements.
    • Check if you are eligible for canadian spouse open work visa or visitor visa.
    • Documents should be submitted with translated English if they are in another language.
    • Apply for the right spouse visa category.
  • Eligibility

    To be Eligible for Canada spouse visa as a dependent you are required to have an  eligible  sponsor. The requirements of sponsorship include that the person you are sponsoring should be the member of the family and if any of them belongs to outside then sponsorship is canceled. The age of spouse, children depend upon the visa you are applying for. Your sponsor must hold an eligible visa for certain period, if your sponsor is a student must be studying in an approved institution at an approved level.if applying canadian spouse visa under open work category, you must have the skills and qualification to work in Canada.

  • Why West Highlander ?

    If you are looking for successful Canada spouse visa application completion then your search is over here because West Highlander is full of experience and our success rate is also tremendously amazing. Our principal focus is to comprehend the each and every particulars of an individual as it helps in presenting the case to the embassy in an appropriate manner. With 12 years of experience, our team is inclined towards the cases that have gone through many rejections before. West Highlander has a long-term association with Regulated Canadian immigration Consultants (ICCRC) so that best migration services can be provided to the customers.

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