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Eligibility- To study in Australia in certificate, diploma and advanced diploma courses, international students are required to have done senior secondary studies and obtain competency as required by the individual course. The student should obtain official transcripts of academic achievements. Regarding English language proficiency, a minimum of 5.5 Band in IELTS exam or 55 overall score in TOEFL or 42-49 score in PTE is required. For Bachelors course, qualification should be equivalent to Australian Year 12 Certificate. To fulfil the language ability requirement, the students are required to attain a minimum of overall 6 Band with no Band less than 6 in IELTS exam or 67 overall score in TOEFL or 50-57 score in PTE. For master’s level courses, student should have done bachelors degree equivalent to Australian Bachelors and IELTS requirement is 6.5 Band (not less than 6).

Post Study Settlement- The international students who have done diploma course in area listed on CSOL, they qualify for 18 months post study work visa. With a Bachelors degree, the students get 2 year work opportunity. While masters course graduates qualify for 3 years work permit and finally the doctoral course students attain 4 years work permit. If the student finds relevant job in his field of study, he qualifies to apply for Permanent Residency. There is a point system to be followed to apply for PR.


Eligibility- To study in Canada at an undergraduate level, the student must have passed senior secondary with first division and at least 6 Band in IELTS to become eligible under SDS. While for non-SDS, 5.5 Band in IELTS are acceptable. At Post-Graduate level, the international students are required to acquire Bachelors degree from an accredited university and a minimum of 6.5 Band score in IELTS exam. For some specialised and professional courses like Nursing, the IELTS requirement is 7.0 Band.

Post Study Settlement- There is a rigorous point system which has to be followed to qualify for Permanent Residency in Canada. The international students can opt for post study work permits to gain required work experience. For graduate diploma and certificate program, post study work permit is of one year while for bachelors, undergraduate diploma and masters program, post study work permit is of 3 years.


Eligibility- To study in New Zealand, there is level system and tertiary education commences from Level 5 and 6 at which we have Certificate and Diploma programs. For Level 5 and 6, international students are required to obtain 50 percentile in senior secondary and 5.5 Band in IELTS. At Level 7, there are Bachelors courses for which 10+2 qualification and overall 6 Band is required. Above Level 7, appropriate qualification like graduation, certificates, etc are required along with 6.5 Band in IELTS.

Post Study Settlement- For attaining Permanent Residency in New Zealand, you need to earn minimum required points through your educational qualification, work experience, age group, language ability, skills, etc. Immigration New Zealand has made a few changes in post study work visa policy which will become applicable from 26th November, 2018. These are – one year post study work visa within Auckland for Level 4 to 6 and Level 7 (non-degree qualification); two year work visa outside Auckland for Level 4 to 6 and Level 7 (non-degree qualification); three year work visa for Level 7 degree and above.

About us We are the licensed, experienced and most qualified overseas education facilitators for study in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Our accreditations include License from Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), License No. 1280308; Association of Australian Education Representative in India (AAERI); Migration Institute of Australia, MIA No. 5824; Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA New Zealand); Member of iCare Canada, NAFSA.

Our complementary services include free of charge study abroad visa processing, unbiased and transparent services, discounted air tickets for students, education loan assistance, airport pickup and initial week accommodation, discounted foreign currency.


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  • Why choose to study in Australia?Australia is a great place in terms of natural beauty, providing education and conducting business activities. Three types of people visit most to this country – Businessmen, students and tourists. Australia offers plethora of opportunities to international students, some of which are –
    • Affordable education in a congenial environment: To study in Australia, the expense is quite affordable and worth the price owing to the qualitative education imparted to the students.
    • Highly qualified faculty: The faculty members at the institutions are well qualified and teach in an interactive environment.
    • Research opportunities: The institutions have research opportunities for students under the guidance of expert faculty.
    • Post study work visa: The students can apply for work permit on completion of their study in Australia
    • Permanent Residency: International students can also apply for PR if they comply with the requirements.
    • Work opportunities and major industries: Sydney is the IT hub of the country and provides remunerative employment opportunities. International students can also gain job in mining, civil and construction, banking and finance industry, etc.
    • Other fascinations include safe, stable and culturally diverse environment. The eligibility requirements are also minimal to study in Australia.

    For those planning to initiate their career has a golden chance as salaries are among the highest in Australia.

  • Why choose to study in New Zealand?New Zealand is an island country with world class educational facilities. The scenic beauty of the country attracts thousands of visitors every year but for students, country holds exceptionally good educational facilities. The country is a major wine producer and a wide range of agricultural products. Apart from this, various other famous and employable industries include civil and construction, wood and wood products, marine and environment, animation and graphics, nursing, tourism and hospitality, logistics and supply chain, dairy and livestock, etc.

    Benefits for students who intent to study in New Zealand –

    • Huge agricultural base: The country has plenty of opportunities in viticulture, horticulture and agriculture.
    • Service sector: Tertiary sector has abundant options in Information and Communication Technology sector, Civil and Construction sector and so on.
    • Best education facilitators: New Zealand is home to outstanding universities, colleges, and ITPs which offer courses which can be tailored as per the student requirement.
    • Eligibility requirements: The eligibility requirements are fairly less to study in New Zealand. The IELTS band requirements are also less.
    • Fee payment after visa: You are supposed to pay your course fee only after receiving your study visa which makes NZ a relatively preferable option.
    • Post study work visa and PR: The international students can apply for work permit as well as Permanent Residency as per the eligibility.
    • Lucrative career options: NZ has a stable and standard lifestyle. To support it, career opportunities are also remunerative.

    Study in New Zealand and establish a flourishing career in diverse fields as per your interest.

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    • Eligibility- 10+2 with IELTS 5.5Graduate with IELTS 6.0
    • Benefits ;
      • Pay fee By Semester
      • Work part time 20 hours per week
      • Post study work visa
      • Apply for Permanent Residence
      • Spouse and Family eligible for dependent visa
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  • Check out the requirements and Eligibility for studying in USA

    • Eligibility- 10+2 /Graduate with IELTS 6.0 or Equivalent PTE/ TOEFL
    • Benefits ;
      • Pay fee By Semester
      • Work part time 20 hours per week
      • Post study work visa
      • Apply for Permanent Residence
      • Spouse and Family eligible for dependent visa
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  • Why choose to study in Canada?

    Canada, the land of immigrants, attracts thousands of international students every year who pursue their tertiary level education from universities and colleges of Canada. Canada has earned an international reputation of providing excellent education with an unbiased approach in its multi-cultural environment.

    There are ample reasons which make Canada, a lucrative study abroad destination –

    • High ranking universities and colleges such as University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, etc
    • Distinguished infrastructural facilities at educational institutions: The institutions are well-equipped with modern infrastructure and tools to let students learn, experiment, and grow.
    • Multi-cultural and Multi-lingual environment: For those planning to study in Canada can experience the diverse environment and broaden the perspective of their thoughts.
    • Low eligibility requirements: To study in Canada, one requires senior secondary degree from PSEB, CBSE or any other board. Along with it, an English language proficiency test.
    • Post study work visa and PR opportunities: After completion of one’s study in Canada, the student can apply for work permit and permanent residency options.
    • Promising career opportunities: There are rewarding career options in Canada in automotive industry, forest industry, oil and petroleum, chemicals, civil and construction, tourism and hospitality, and so on.
    • Part-time work opportunities: In the co-op programs, students can opt for a part-time job for a maximum of 40 hours in a fortnight.
    • Apart from these, there are various other benefits such as natural beauty of the country, international exposure, extra-curricular activities, wide range of courses, comparatively lower tuition fees, research opportunities, standard lifestyle, etc.

    Canada allows exciting opportunities and challenges and hence qualifies as the top study destination.

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