Australia Spouse Visa

Australia Spouse Visa


Spouse visa or partner visa (Subclass 309) is known as the temporary visa and the main step for this visa is associated with the attainment of residency in Australia. This visa is meant for the spouses, permanent residents and de-facto partners of the permanent residents or citizens of Australia. The subclass visa 309 can be applied by an individual if he/she is an outsider. You can stay in Australia indefinitely until permanent resident visa under subclass 100 is approved. This visa can lead to permanent visa under subclass 100 more efficiently. Spouse visa under subclass 309 makes you eligible to study or work in Australia without any restriction. Spouse visa under subclass 309 may take a while to get approved, so one may apply provisional visa subclass 309 visas and then visitor visa under subclass 600. So while your spouse visa application 309 is under process you may visit your partner


Your partnership must be recognized under Australian law. If you are in a de facto relationship the duration of your relation must be of 12 months.


  • Visa subclass 309                          12 months
  • Visa subclass 100                         19 months


You may apply for both the visa at the same time. You may stay in Australia on visa subclass until a decision on your visa subclass 100 is made.. If you have been in a long term relationship with your spouse your visa subclass 100 may be decided faster. You need to provide documents for your long term relationship.


Your spouse in Australia must be eligible to sponsor you. Your spouse cannot sponsor you under provisional visa subclass 309 if

  • Your partner was granted partner visa or prospective marriage visa (300) in the last 5 years
  • Your partner has sponsored other 2 people on this visa subclass.


We have had tremendous success in getting approvals for spouse dependent visas under subclass 309.With our years of experience, we have understood the nitty gritties of this visa subclass. We have suggested and got visas approved for our client under subclass 600, while they were waiting for their 309 approvals. Our director Ms. Parwinder Kaur is registered migration agent (MARA) license number 1280308. As she is also the member of Migration Institute of Australia and Migration Alliance Australia. We have access to latest happenings and upcoming immigration legislation news and information through these bodies. We have successfully dealt with refusal cases and we are experts in spouse visa appeals and reviews.

  • Registered MARA Agent
  • Spouse visa Specialist
  • Licensed & Regulated
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  • Spouse visa/ dependent visa under subclass 309 allows an individual to stay in Australia until the time decision is not made for a permanent partner visa under subclass 100.Spouse visa holder under 309 is entitled for Medicare, Australia’s scheme for the expenses and health-related care. Holder of this visa may work or study in Australia without any limit. After two years of the application, an individual is assessed for the permanent visa.


  • To be eligible to apply spouse or dependent visa under subclass 309 , you must have one of the following;Applicant should be partner, spouse or dependent of the citizen of Australian.He/she should be partner, spouse or dependent of the permanent resident of Australia.Partners of New Zealand citizens living in Australia are also eligible for this visa.


  • Ms. Parwinder Kaur director at west Highlander immigration consultancy is the most experienced Registered Migration Agent (MARA) for Australia in the Chandigarh, Punjab region. Our top-notch services make us stand out of the crowd and this is the reasons why we have become talk-of-the-town. We have 97% success rate in spouse visa applications for Australia under subclass 309 and 600. Ms. Parwinder is a Registered Migration Agent since 2012. A partner visa application for Australia requires a lot of evidence and confides to be proved. And cannot be archived without expert assistance. You need to consult registered migration agent who has experience in spouse visa applications. At West Highlander Immigration you are at the best place in the region.


  • Director Ms. Parwinder Kaur is licensed from Migration agents registration authority (MARA) – 1280308.Member of Migration institute of Australia and Migration Alliance Australia. Experience of handling hundreds of spouse visa applications under 309.More than 12 years experience in applying, review and appeals under subclass 309.


  • Legality of marriage should be provided.The application should be sponsored by an eligible sponsor.The application is necessitated to fulfill the requirements associated with department health requirements.The applicant should ensure meeting the department character requirements.Australian values statement should be signed by an applicant accurately.

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