Few Overseas doctors get chance to enroll in the US, says Report

A lot of doctors who want to pursue their graduate medical education in the US have been wavering in the past few years. The situation has become worse of late.  Washington’s The Migration Policy Institute said that the numbers of immigrants who became US doctors and surgeons had been raised to percent in 2016, up from 20 percent in 1990.

They were surely concerned that this fall began at about the same time that the US administration was pondering carrying out a travel ban on foreign nationals or limiting their entry into America, Mona Signer, president and chief executive of the National Resident Matching Program, a US-based non-profit organization, was quoted by LA Times

There were 500 doctors in Los Angeles from Somalia, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Syria, the countries on which the second version of travel ban was enforced, said the Immigrant Doctors Project, Harvard and MIT doctoral students’ assessment of online physician data.

It had been seen that Southern California had increased as many Iranian physicians settled there. With the overseas doctors feeling marginalized by the policies of US administration, they may look to be educated elsewhere, said Dr. Bahaman Bandari, president of the SoCal Persian American Medical Association.

He further said that they would go to other countries due to scare as to how they would be treated in US leading to deterioration of the quality of the doctors who would enter the US Compared to in the past.

According to Jeanne Batalova- A senior policy analyst at the Migration Policy Institute, the US, which used to be the most wanting destination for talented and skilled people and healthcare professional, especially is losing its competitive benefit as other nations are putting in place a much more attractive policy to tempt skilled professionals.

For example, countries like Canada, Australia, and some European countries are making easy their immigration process to motivate overseas doctors to come to their countries to train and reside there, added Batalova.

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