Most Affordable B tech Colleges in UK 2021

Last Updated on March 6, 2021 by West Highlander Team

Engineering is the most sought after course preferred by students. In UK there are several colleges and Universities offering world class programs and practical experience, the reason why B tech is a preferred program in UK in 2021. The cost of engineering programs is a huge deciding factor for students planning to apply to UK colleges. The other concern when one looks for the most affordable B tech Colleges in UK in 2021 are the location, IELTS or language requirement, cost of living, university or college ranking, course ranking and various other factors.

B tech or engineering courses in UK offer wide variety of quality research and academic course but often can be difficult on the pocket. The undergraduate programs are for 3-4 years and can be costly due to the course duration. There are many colleges and universities in UK offering low tuition fee which makes it easy for students to get the best education. Further, there are many UK scholarships and funding available for Indian students. Going forward we will provide you complete information on the most affordable B tech colleges in UK 2021 along with most affordable courses.

7 most Affordable Universities in UK

  1. London Metropolitan UniversityIs a great education hub for B tech specially in case you are planning to take B tech Computer Science or B Sc Hons. The course provides practical work experience hands on experience along with a career focused towards IT. Many graduates find themselves in software houses, finance, industrial and service sectors after graduating from here. The university offers affordable B tech in 2021 and has one of the largest teaching laboratories with specialist art design studios and a lot to offer to the student. The first year fee at the University is approximately £ 3,333.
  2. Southampton Solent University- is another affordable B tech institute for students planning to take on B Tech in Mechanical Engineering. The course would offer the student practical experience in applied engineering principles, along with theory, and focus on making students employable. The course offers students the fundamental concepts for making the foundation and building an in-depth knowledge of engineering and focus on the real industry-related problems second year onwards. The course duration is for 3-4 years and the fee for the first year would be approximately £7,487.
  3. Glyndwr Universitysituated in Wrexham UK is another affordable B tech universities for pursing Electrical and Electronic Engineering. The department of Engineering at Glyndwr offers 3 years of fulltime undergraduate degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering which prepares students for a vast range of diverse and exciting careers. The course equips students with technical engineering skills along with technological, communication and design proficiency. Post completion of the course students would be able to apply the electrical and electronic engineering practice in developing skills in CAD, computer application and management. The approximate cost of pursuing B tech at Glyndwr University for first year is £ 8,950. The course duration at the university for B tech in 2021 at Glyndwr is 3 years.
  4. University of South WalesWas previously known as Glamorgan University. The university offers more than 500 courses to students. The university has campuses in Dubai, Newport, Pontypridd and Cardi. There are several affordable B tech courses at University-Aeronautical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering. The duration of these courses is 3-4 years and the cost of the course £11,000 approximately for first year.
  5. Leeds Beckett UniversityIs another promising affordable institute for B tech. Civil Engineering at Leeds offers students advanced capabilities and in depth knowledge in various domains of civil engineering. The course is designed to harness the student’s technical skills in planning, design, construction and operation of civil engineering works and to helps them in developing their skills for the professional growth. The course duration of Civil Engineering at Leeds Beckett University is 3 years and the cost for the first is £ 9,500.
  6. University of BedfordshireSituated in Luton UK offers Electronic Engineering which is one of the affordable B tech programs at Bedfordshire University will assist in developing skills in analogue and digital electronics, signal processing, control systems, digital communications, software engineering and embedded programming. The course duration is 3 years and the cost for the first year is £ 9,750.
  7. University of Derbyoffers Bachelors of Civil Engineering. The duration of the course is 3 years and first year cost is approximately £ 9,945.



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