Scholarships in New Zealand for Indian Students

Many people dream of going abroad to study but there are times when these dreams fail to become reality. This is mostly due to a lack of proper guidance or financial issues. Even though New Zealand is much more cost-effective compared to other countries, especially for Indian students, students may still struggle financially. Choosing the right educational consultancy would be the first step to making this dream come true. An agency that has been in the business for years will know how to make this journey easier for students and their families.

There are a lot of scholarships that are being provided by New Zealand to help students. Here’s a list of those scholarships which the Indian students can avail:

New Zealand Excellence Awards (NZEA)

The New Zealand Excellence Awards (NZEA) are co-funded by New Zealand universities and Education New Zealand.

The NZEA offers scholarships at seven New Zealand institutions, allowing Indian students to gain insight into New Zealand’s brilliance in a variety of disciplines. Scholarships are provided at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in business, fashion, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) in New Zealand.

AUT International Scholarship – South Asia

The Indian students applying for this scholarship in New Zealand need to keep a few things in mind like the applicants must be new, full-fee contributing international students at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

Students who have already started studies at AUT are ineligible to apply. The Indian students must hold a current offer of enrollment in an approved AUT curriculum beginning in Semester 2, 2024. Only after they have secured admission to one of courses in AUT, can they start applying for this scholarship. Throughout the scholarship period, recipients must be enrolled in a full-time program (120 points) at AUT.

For eligible undergraduate courses, they have a scholarship of up to NZ$5,000 on tuition fees. For post graduate courses, a scholarship of up to NZ$7,000 is awarded to students. Students need to keep in mind that this is only applicable for the tenure of 1 year.

University of Otago Global Scholarships 2025-2026

This is another scholarship in New Zealand that has opened up for new international students from specified countries starting at the University of Otago for an extensive Bachelor’s program for the February and July intakes.

India is among the many countries that are now eligible for University of Otago Global Scholarships in 2025 and 2026.

It is important to note that this scholarship will start next year which is 2025 onwards and Indian students looking to apply should start preparing in advance. In order not to miss out on any deadlines, applicants should hire a trusted educational consultant who would help them from the application stages till the time they get their visas approved.

The scholarship is for a period of one year and the awarded amount of NZ$15,000 is divided equally between two semesters.

University of Auckland Dean’s Asia Scholarship in the Faculty of Business and Economics

The University of Auckland Business School provides funding for the scholarship, which was founded in 2011. The scholarships are designed to help overseas undergraduate students, which includes Indian students as well, finish a Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Property degree at the University of Auckland Business School in New Zealand. Academic excellence, financial necessity, and evident potential for success in university business courses will all be considered in the selection process.

Up to three Scholarships will be awarded for three years and will cover the full tuition fees for international students enrolled in a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) or Bachelor of Property (BProp) or the BCom or BProp component of an associated conjoint degree at the University of Auckland Business School.

New Zealand – Global Research Alliance Doctoral Scholarship (NZ – GRADS)

NZ-GRADS is a Doctoral Scholarship (PhD) that allows research students from many countries to study for a PhD at a New Zealand university. Indian students looking to complete their doctoral studies in New Zealand are also eligible.

The conditions of the NZ-GRADS scholarship includes:

  • The student’s PhD work must be performed in New Zealand, not from a distance.
  • They cannot have citizenship or permanent resident status in New Zealand or Australia.
  • They must come from a developing nation.
  • There are various listed projects, the student would only be eligible for this scholarship, granted they choose one of projects from that list.

The NZ-GRADS scholarship offers the following for a value period of three years:

  • New Zealand University yearly tuition costs and accompanying student levies can reach a total of NZ $10,000 NZD each year
  • A yearly living allowance of NZ $40,696 NZD (tax-free)
  • Medical insurance covers up to NZ $700 NZD annually
  • Visa application costs in the amount of NZ $1,000 NZD
  • Return tickets to New Zealand for an upper limit of NZ $6,000 NZD
  • Study and dissertation prep stipend of up to NZ $1,500 NZD (one-time)

The University of Waikato – Vice Chancellor’s International Excellence Scholarship for India

This scholarship is designed to help foreign students from India register for the first time in undergraduate or postgraduate studies at the University of Waikato. The Scholarships are worth up to NZ $15,000 and will be offered to successful applicants who demonstrate outstanding academic accomplishment.

To be eligible for admission to the University of Waikato, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an Indian citizen or permanent resident;
  • Seek to join a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate degree as a new foreign student at the University of Waikato
  • A minimum GPA-equivalency of B+ in their qualification to get admission to the university
  • Not currently enrolled in any undergraduate or postgraduate program
  • Not coming from a sponsoring body, not coming on a Guaranteed Credit Arrangement, and not coming through a study abroad or student program.

The subject areas that are eligible for this scholarship are Arts, Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science, Education, Social Sciences, Business, and Management.

University of Canterbury Ah Nua Scholarship

This is a scholarship of NZ$5,000 provided to the Indian students for the tenure of 1 year by the University of Canterbury. The applicants must not combine this with any other offer and must be full-time complete fee-paying students from India. Students enrolled in a full-time undergraduate course would be eligible for this scholarship in their third or fourth year.

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  • Interested students can contact West Highlander to inquire about:
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