Business Migration

Business Migration


Business visa immigration is an excellent option for businessmen having business experience along with net worth to migrate permanently to a developed country along with their family- spouse and kids. Many developed countries have business migration policies under which qualified applicants can apply for business migration visas and hence gain permanent residency. These are mostly point’s based visa and applicants need to fulfil the basic point’s criteria to be eligible to apply for business visas.

Business and Investor Visa country options

Applicants may choose to apply for business visas to Australia and Canada.

Applicants may choose a province they wish to start business and settle. Each province has its own criteria of selecting eligible candidates who wish to start the business and settle in the province permanently along with their families. Business investment, business experience and net worth of the individual is the main criteria based on which the candidates are selected.

Applicants may choose a state or a territory they wish to start the business. Every state has its own criteria of nominating eligible candidates. Business investment, business experience, business turnover and net worth are main criteria based on which the candidates are nominated.

Benefits of applying Business and Investor Migration Visas

  • Stay in Canada permanently
  • Include your spouse and dependent children with your application
  • Enrol in Canada’s public health care scheme
  • Enjoy benefits of domestic fees for education
  • Qualify to apply for Canadian citizenship
  • Sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residency
  • Safe environment
  • Transparent Business environment
  • Multicultural society

Why choose West Highlander for Business Visa?

Choosing Business Migration program is a very important and huge decision of your life. For getting success with your Business migration visa there are various stages you need to pass in order to reach the end goal of success for business migration investor visa. You would be investing a huge amount and would need to meet the visa requirements. For this you need the services of a trained and licensed immigration consultant who can carefully asses your case and provide you solutions as per your requirement. Also you need someone who could handle your case on priority and carefully file all documents efficiently. Our team at West Highlander is trained in handling your business visa requirement and our key personnel holds a strong portfolio in immigration law. We have been actively working for last 15 years and our expertise helps in understanding and assessing your case as top priority. Our in depth knowledge, immigration licenses and certification and up-to-date immigration knowledge makes us your one stop for Business and investor visa migration.


Invest in one of the fastest growing economy with Business and Investor visa to Canada. Manitoba, Saskatchewan , Nova Scotia popular choice for business and investor visa.


Australia offers business innovation and investment visa under visa subclass 188 for aspiring entrepreneurs planning to invest in Australia. Apply through registered MARA agent.

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