Canada open work permit for dependent spouse of Canada student visa and work visa holder

Canada is a country which has got very attractive policies for students aspiring to study in Canada. One of its biggest attractions is that dependent spouse of a student or a work visa holder can apply for Canada open work visa.
What is Canada open work permit?
It is a work visa of Canada. If your spouse is in Canada on a student visa or a work visa you can apply for the Canada open work permit as a dependent spouse.
Do I need a job offer to apply for Canada open work permit as a spouse of a Canada student visa or a spouse of a Canada work visa holder?
There is no requirement of a job offer from Canada to apply for this Canada open work visa. This basic requirement of this dependent spouse visa for Canada is that you must have proofs of your marriage.
What are the conditions I need to fulfil to apply for dependent spouse open work permit for Canada?
The two basic requirements are that your spouse must be enrolled in a designated learning institute in Canada along with having a valid student visa or have a valid work visa. Other condition is that you must have verifiable evidence of your marriage
What documents do I need to submit with my Canada open work permit application?
To apply as dependent spouse visa for Canada you need following basic documents

  • Documents of your spouse visa status in Canada
  • Marriage proofs
  • Funds to support your stay in Canada
  • Show your level of establishment in your home country
    What is the processing time for Canada open work visa application?
    The processing time is approximately one month from the date you submit our Canada open work visa application.
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