Canada study visa documentation list under non SDS 2022

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Canada one of the popular study abroad destinations among international students has got number of benefits to offer to students.

Successfully getting a Canada student visa can offer you an excellent opportunity to study in one of the developed and advanced economies of the world.  Along with studying students also get to work part time which is a big advantage as they get exposure to Canadian work place.

Post graduation work permit is another advantage for international students who wish to study in Canada.  After successful completion of the course while on Canada student visa, international students can get a post study work visa for up to 3 years, depending on the duration of the course completed in Canada.

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Students can apply for Canada study visa under various categories – SDS Category, non SDS category and university category.

Non SDS category is a category under which the students need to submit extra financial and income documents.

Before discussing the Canada study visa documents list under non SDS category 2022 it is important to know what non SDS visa for Canada is

Study visas under non SDS for Canada

If you application has any one of below points then your application comes under non SDS for Canada study visa

  • English language test other than IELTS
  • Band score less than 6 in any of 4 modules of IELTS
  • Paying tuition fee for less than one year
  • Not having GIC of CAD 1000
  • Not having upfront medical

If any of the above conditions are applicable on your Canada student visa file then your application would fall under non SDS and hence would be eligible for non SDS processing of the application.

Canada study visa documentation list under non SDS for Canada study visa 2022

  • Your entire qualification documents
  • Your work experience proofs if having work experience
  • Your English language skills proofs like IELTS or a PTE test
  • Your letter of acceptance from the college
  • Your tuition fee receipt
  • Your cost of living for first year in form of GIC of CAD 10000
  • Extra funds for tuition fee and cost of living for 2 year of the course
  • Family income proofs

Above are the documents students require to file their Canada study visa 2022 under non SDS category.

Another query students may have is about the funds. How many funds are required for the second year of the stay in Canada and in what form the student may submit the proof of these funds?

Students must take care that the funds for the second year of study must be acceptable and as per the Canada student visa policy. Students must not take this lightly as this may result in refusal of the application

How to calculate second year of funds for Canada study visa non SDS category -2022

Students can take the services of an expert, experienced and qualified Canada study visa consultants who can prepare your file under non SDS category and hence can file your application properly. For the reference the funds for second year may be calculated as below

Tuition fee for second year

Cost of living for second year

Examples to calculate funds for second year of study in Canada under non SDS category

Example 1

Let’s say your second year tuition fee is CAD 15000.

So the total funds you would requiring for second year is as below

Tuition fee for second year + cost of living for second year

15000+10000= 25000

The amount required for second year is $ 25000

Form of acceptable funds

Applicants can show this amount in form of saving in their bank accounts. FDR that is fixed deposit receipt is also acceptable. The only thing to take care is that the funds must be old. If the funds are not old they must have an acceptable and a verifiable source.

Students may also take a education loan for their second year cost of living and tuition fee for study in Canada.