Cost of Living and Study in London

Most of the Study-Abroad Aspirants prefer to be in London City who all aspires to study in the UK. This is because of London’s global reputation. One of the most concerned query of such study-abroad aspirants regarding the cost of living and study in London.

Studying in the UK’s London City can cost you bit more pounds as compared to other cities which is meant for the International students to live and study in the UK.

If you’re planning to live and study in London; London has the largest concentration of Universities present in whole of Europe. This is home to World-Class Institutions that provide a great-range of programs in the discipline of science, technology, business, engineering, mathematics, finance etc. Along with these institutions, in London itself you can study at universities having reputable and world-wide recognition which offer programs at very affordable tuition fees.

So, as far as the Cost of Study in London is concerned it totally depends upon:

The Institution/University/College you have chosen to study in London which can vary from £ 10,000 to £ 45,000.

Adjacently, you can also have some relaxation on you study-cost because you can avail a large range of scholarships to study in the UK which are offered by the government, individual universities, independent organizations and various charities.

In addition to this, the Cost of Living in London:

The cost of living may vary from the life-style you’re going to have in London that varies from an individual to individual. Still, the UKVI suggest that an International Student require approximately £1,265 to cover their living expenditure in London.

In this you may include some basic necessities which are required to live and study in London:

  • Rent: £500-£550
  • Food: £100-£120
  • Travel: £50-£50
  • Phone: £55
  • Books and Stationary: £25
  • Other Expenses: £120-£150

Through above shared info, you must have got an estimate regarding the cost required to live and study in London. If you’re a study-abroad aspirant planning to study in the UK, we suggest you to consult West Highlander.


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