Study in UK

Study in UK under Streamlined Pilot program for fast processing along with dependents.

Study in UK is one of the most preferred study destinations among international students. The UK has got one of the best education systems in the world. The universities in UK regularly rank among top institutions in the world and colleges. There are lots of options for international students to study in UK. International students aspiring to get student visa to study in UK can choose between different types of higher education institutes. There are range of Universities and colleges in UK which international students may choose depending on their study goals.

 Study Options

There is range of options for international students choosing to study in UK as a TIER 4 Student. You need to choose right and relevant course for your study visa UK application to be successful. There is a wide range of courses available and international students may choose according to their career pathways. International Students wanting to pursue Master’s course of 13 months or less at select universities in the UK are eligible for streamlined processing.


  • Confirmation of acceptance of studies – CAS letter from a licensed TIER 4 sponsor
  • Funds to pay for your tuition fees and cost of living
  • Appropriate English language level


You may include your spouse and any dependent children under 18 in your student visa application if you are sponsored by a Higher education Institute on a course at level 7or above on OFQUAL REGISTER. The duration of the course must be at least 9 months.  You need to provide evidence that you have funds to support them while on Study in UK.

Work Rights

Tier 4 General students who are sponsored by Higher Education Institutes- HEI to study a full time course can work during their studies

  • At Degree level or above at an Higher Education Institute ( HEI) 20 hours per week
  • Course below degree level at HEI 10 hours per week
  • TIER 4 child student above 16 years 10 hours per week
  • During vacations periods international students can work full time

Processing time

The processing time for TIER 4 student visa applications is about 15 to 20 working days.

Why West Highlander

We are Education UK certified Counsellor and ICEF Trained Agent Counsellor and member of NASFA. We are also an ICEF Accredited Agency. At West Highlander we guide students taking into consideration and career goals. We counsel students about number of options best suited to their budget. We help the students with the admission and visa process which is very tricky. One needs to present his admission and visa application carefully to get offer of a place- CAS letter and then visa for study in UK. West Highlander is the best study visa consultant for UK in Chandigarh.

  • Hassle Free Transition
  • One Stop Solution
  • Licensed & Regulated
  • Accurate Assessment

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This Visa category introduced in 2009, the Tier 4 visa categories provide to students who are paying for tuition in the UK. It highlights the significance laid by the universities and colleges on income from overseas. The prime objective of Tier-4 immigration service is to offer a straightforward, user-friendly and transparent solution to students willing to study in the UK.


There are two student categories in Tier 4 of the points-based system:

General student

This category is proposed for students coming to the UK for post-16 education.

Child student

This category is intended for children between 4 and 17 years of age who are coming to the UK for their education. However, children between 4 and 15 years of age may only be educated at independent fee paying schools.


It is mandatory for students to fulfill all the requirements of the Immigration Rules, other than having a total of 40 points.

  • CAS statement (Confirmation Acceptance for Studies) issued from universities/institutions (registered in UK Border Agency Sponsor Register) will provide the student 30 points.
  • Satisfaction of fund requirement as mentioned by the UK Border Agency will make him/her eligible to get an additional 10 points and therefore obtain Visa.

Streamlined Pilot Program 

Tier 4 Pilot Scheme is a streamlined visa process for International Students wanting to pursue Master’s course of 13 months or less in the UK. There are many advantages for International students who qualify to apply under this Tier 4 Student visa Program.