Further study options in Canada after B.Tech

Canada is a developed country with excellent education system. Engineering graduates can choose from number of courses for their further study in Canada. Depending on their career aspirations and budget students may choose to do Masters, Grad Diplomas, and Graduate Certificates in their related fields and apply for their Canada study visa after completing all the visa formalities.
Engineering students need to choose courses in Canada after B. TECH which shows academic progression of their studies as well as the career outcomes they wish to have. It is very important for the success of their Canada study visa application.
Below are the courses in Canada after B.TEC which all engineering graduates irrespective of their engineering field can opt for their Study in Canada. These programs are highly relevant to their Engineering degrees which are one of the important factors for success of Canada study via application.

  • Business entrepreneurship and technology
  • Management in Analytics
  • Applied mathematics
  • Computational mathematics
  • Development practice
  • Digital experience innovation
  • Sustainability management
  • System design engineering
  • Vision science
  • Clean energy engineering
  • High performance building
    Graduate diploma courses in Canada after B. Tech which students may pursue irrespective of their engineering field are

  • Business and entrepreneurship
  • Climate risk management
    Other than opting for Masters in their field of engineering, Master Courses in Canada after B.TECH which study in Canada aspirants may opt for relevant to their stream in B.Tech are as below

  • Integrated wood design
  • Advance material manufacturing dependable software systems
  • Green Bio Products
  • Integrated Water Management
  • Sustainable process engineering
  • Chemical engineering –nanotechnology/water
  • Civil engineering –water
  • Civil engineering- nuclear engineering
  • Electrical and computer engineering- Quantum information
    For their study in Canada students may also choose to do Graduate Diplomas Courses in Canada after B.TECH relevant to their engineering stream.

  • Software engineering
  • Electric power engineering
  • Design engineering
  • Green energy
  • Fire safety
  • Data analytics
    Canada study visa aspirants can also choose Graduate certificate for courses in Canada after B. Tech. Some of the Graduate certificates for engineers to Study in Canada are

  • Project management
  • Cyber security and threat management
  • Database application developer
  • Computer engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Applied electrical motion and control management
  • Applied energy management
  • Applied manufacturing welding
  • Construction management
  • Mechanical industrial manufacturing
  • Embedded systems development
  • Environmental building sciences
  • Process quality engineering
  • Robotics and industrial automation
  • Structural packaging design and management
  • Wireless network structure
    Masters courses are of generally 1 to 2 years depending on the specialization you choose to do in Canada. Graduate diplomas and Graduate certificates are of 1 year duration. You may choose to do courses in Canada after B. Tech depending on your interest, career aspirations, as well as your budget.