Great Places to study in UK– Have a Look

Study in the United Kingdom is the most renowned option for International Students and India students also. There is no language barrier and it offers affordable short-term master’s program for overseas students.  After the United States, UK secures second highest position for having number of  global students according to QS Best Student Cities 2016. If you have decided to study in the United Kingdom, these are the 5 places in the UK which you can consider:


It is the largest city and extremely famous in Scotland. It is called a home to best Universities like University of Glasgow 62 ranks and the University of Strathclyde. It is also considered as a hub of research, academia, commerce, and culture. Glasgow attracts a number of students and hence has received a particularly high score in the category of student offering them the best of opportunities meeting all the requirements. Another reason to go the UK is friendly people, affordable living cost, easy to navigate. It is also home to several football clubs and cultural events.


Newcastle is also a largest city situated in the North-East UK. It has a rich history of the Roman-era along with being the key industrial center for shipping, coal mining, and engineering. It has various award-winning structures, which influence architectural students. The people of this place are welcoming and friendly. When you start studying in the place, you get an opportunity to explore various cultures.  While exploring the place you will find several high ranked universities in New castle.


Birmingham is ranked on 66th position in the best student cities index and a second largest city in the UK. The population this place is approximately 3.7million. Birmingham is also an industrial city having financial and commercial centers. It is considered for research apart from being known for its top technological advancements in the field of physics and live sciences.  If you are looking for a place where you can have better education along with job opportunities, then the UK is the best place. Birmingham allows you to explore opportunities for working on industrial placement projects.


Liverpool is most loved student city in the country where the strength of 70,000 students studying in various courses. The various features make the place attractive for the students. Liverpool is an affordable place in terms of living, entertainments, and accommodation including best nightlife.  It is known as an iconic city for having numerous famous landmarks– The Liver Buildings, the Beatles, and historic docks. When you reach the city, you must not forget to explore the gorgeous libraries and some beautiful gardens which are best places even to study. You can have a plethora of options in choosing the right program. This is why the place is best to study in the United Kingdom.


Every student has a dream to live in the city who well-known about the place. Although, it is a small place but it has small university town having the most prestigious universities are The University of Leicester, which ranked 32nd best university in the UK, whereas the Leicester De Montfort is ranked as the 54th best university in England. Apart from that, it also famous for a perfect shopping haven cool markets and the crafty burgers which make together an awesome destination to study in the UK.

The above information is just to tell you about the UK which is a bit because without exploring by your own you cannot judge how beautiful and hi-tech the country is.  Now the decision is your whether you go with this option (UK) to study, if Yes, consult with experienced immigration company like West Highlander.