Cost of Masters in UK for International Students

Doing Masters in UK comes with lots of benefits for international students. The top three benefits are

The first and foremost is that they get to study in a country which has a long history of providing international students with quality education. UK is home to some of the best universities in the world.

The second benefit is that the students can complete their Masters study in UK in just one year. There are lots of options for students to choose from a 1 year Masters degree which is quite affordable in terms of time and finances.

The next benefit of Masters Study in the UK is that the applicants if married or in a de facto relationship can apply for the UK student spouse visa along with their Study in UK application. One needs to be enrolled in a level 7 or above course for the spouse to be eligible to apply for UK dependent visa. There are other conditions which the dependents need to fulfil to qualify for the same. To know more about that you may contact experienced and qualified Study in UK consultants who can guide you about the process.

Cost of Masters in UK for international students

Another question international students have about   Masters in UK is about the cost.

So what is the cost of Masters in UK for International students?

Study in the UK application involves following steps

  • Applying for admission to universities to study in UK
  • Paying tuition fee for the chosen course to study
  • Paying for other UK study visa related cost
  • Travel Air ticket expenses
  • Cost of living while on UK student visa

Above are the main costs associated with your study in UK application. Discuss in depth with your Study in UK consultant about these expense so that you have a fair good idea  about the expenses .This would be of great help  in planning your budget for your UK study visa application

Following is the detailed breakdown of the Cost of Masters in UK for International students

Applying for admission to universities to study in UK

This is the first step for your UK study visa application. You need to apply for admission in Universities. Most of the Universities in UK do not have an application fee to apply for admission. So there is no application fee related to admission in UK universities for international students.

Average Tuition fees for different programs for Study in UK

The tuition fee varies by university and program the student wishes to do in the UK. Students must check with individual universities for the exact tuition fee structure.  International students may find a Masters program starting from GBP 10000. Some of the programs may cost more and the tuition may be GBP 26000 for a program of one year.

For Example the cost of 1 year MSc accounting and finance in UK may be about GBP 17000 in one university and may be about GBP 27000 in another university

Cost of 1 Year MSc in Mechanical engineering in UK maybe about GBP 25000 in one university and may be about GBP 32000 in another University

Cost of 1 year LLM in UK may be about GBP 14000 in one university and may be about GBP 21000 in other university.

It all depends on the choice of the students’ University. International students may take the services of Study in UK consultant to get complete information. West Highlander having office near passport office Chandigarh is the best study in UK consultant. They have been guiding students for study abroad since last many years; they have a team of expert and experienced study in UK counsellors who can help you choose the University and course suiting your budget

Cost of Living in UK

Students need to have a fair idea about the cost of living while on UK study visa which would help them in planning their finances properly. International students can expect to spend £800 – £1,200 per month, to support them while in UK. This covers accommodation, bills, food and other living costs. The cost would vary depending on where the student stays. The cost living may be more in big cities as compared to small cities

Above is the approximate cost of Masters Study in UK for International students.