Best country for Indian nurses to work 2021

It is well said that a good nurse is never at rest. Nursing is among the oldest and highly respectable profession. Owing to the current situations it has been observed that demand for Indian nurses due to their high skills, discipline and care they are among the most in demand throughout the globe. As per a recent study conducted by WHO, the number of healthcare workers worldwide will fall short by whopping 12.9 million by the year 2035. Due to the ageing workforce, less number of people entering the profession, early retirements, inadequate training and increasing demand through ageing popular all together could result in global shortage of healthcare workers.

Are you a healthcare professional or nurse? Are you looking for some of the best countries where Indian nurses are in demand? Look no further here are some of the best countries for Indian Nurses to work in 2021.


Among the best countries for Indian Nurses to work in 2021 the first is the maple leaf country: Canada. Canada is well known for its bighearted universal healthcare system. Among the immigration route, Canada is among the friendliest country for Indian nurses with easier requirements and faster processing time. In Canada a registered nurse can earn between 48000-55000 CAD annually. Depending on further experience and specialization you could easily earn around 65000 CAD and above. Click to see how to be a nurse in Canada?


UK is another destination where a registered nurse can enjoy the perks of a good life. An entry level position nurses can earn around US 30,000 per year and can see an increase up to US 43,000 annually and higher based on the experience. For practicing nursing in UK one must have obtained a degree in pre registration nursing, registered with Nursing and Midwifery council and must have completed an assessment for the same. Click here to see some of the best opportunities for nurses abroad


Among the many destination, Australia is regarded another favorite destinations for studying, working and raising a family. A warm climate and comfortable living conditions have made Australia another preferred destination for Indian nurses to work.  With English as a medium of communication there are several healthcare organizations constantly looking for Indian Nurses to work. As a registered and practicing nurse in Australia the starting salary is approximately 56,000 USD and forward. However, remember it is best to consult a registered MARA agent in Chandigarh, West Highlander for knowing the complete visa and documentation requirements. Click here to know how to know about career in nursing in Australia.

New Zealand

New Zealand is another destination which provides excellent conditions for Indian nurses to work. With a growing population New Zealand is constantly looking for highly skilled healthcare professionals to ensure a stable and healthy economy. Healthcare jobs in New Zealand are listed on the official skills shortage list and even during pandemic are allowed border exemption. For meeting the OECD targets the country would need of 25,000 nurses by 2030. A qualified nurse in New Zealand can earn anything between $42,000- $65,000 depending on your specialization, experience, role and further qualification. Further one can enjoy a healthy work life balance. For Indian nurses to work in New Zealand they need to register for New Zealand CAP program.

While considering some of the best countries for Indian nurses to work in 2021 consult an immigration consultant for complete requirement and documentation procedure. Each country has specific academic qualification, language proficiency, and work experience and registration requirement to be a nurse. For the same best immigration consultants in Chandigarh, West Highlander can guide you on the best pathways for working abroad. West Highlander is a registered immigration consultancy offering excellent services since 2005. We have seasoned licensed immigration counselors offering free of charge consultation services to understand your requirements before suggestion a pathway. We have one of the highest application success rates in the country and our effective, efficient and transparent services ensure we are the benchmark for excellence.