Why you need Education UK Certified Counselor to study in the UK?

In our day-to-day life, we come across plethora of scams which are aimed at the International Students who dream of studying-abroad. Scamsters target the students generally because they’re naive and they can be easily convinced. To safeguard oneself from such frauds, every International Student should do thorough research on the person whom she/he is consulting to study-abroad and further to apply their student-visa.

The United Kingdom is the nation which is on radar of the International students aiming to gain globally recognised quality education and the introduction of 2-year PSW introduced for the students who want to study in the UK. More and More students are applying for their student-visa to study in the UK.

So, it is highly recommended to consult an Education UK Certified Counselor if planning to study in the UK.

Why I need to consult the Education UK Certified Counselor to get my student-visa to study in the UK?

The Education UK Certified Counselors are trained to counsel students who want to study in the UK in the most righteous manner. With this certification, they have gained expertise in counseling the international students especially the ones planning to study in the UK. The Authority British Council regularly provides them with training session and updates and changes made concerning the International Students and the visa-process.

Their training generally covers the following:

  • Training of the UK Education System
  • Detailed knowledge of the courses and qualifications at each level to guide the students.
  • The points that a student should consider to study in the UK.
  • Living and Studying in the UK from the student point of view.
  • Skills and knowledge to guide the students with issues concerning tuition cost, living expenses, travelling etc.
  • Quality assurance mechanisms and how they operate
  • Knowledge regarding the course of the fees and scholarships which can be availed.
  • Information regarding the UK Application Procedures.
  • Information regarding the entry-requirements; visa and immigration terms and regulations.
  • Maintaining the professionalism and ethical behavior.
  • Working with UK institutions and academic readiness
  • Visa and immigration compliance for UK institutions and students
  • Student safeguarding

Because of this, the Counselors are able to guide you in the most righteous manner. They acquire the knowledge to deal with any issue, doubt or query concerning your studies and stay in the UK. Moreover, they are regularly provided with the recent updates and changes.

At West Highlander to study in the UK meet Ms. Parwinder Kaur – the Education UK Certified Counselor.

West Highlander is the leading study-abroad consultancy which has dedicated its past 14 years in guiding and counseling students who want to study-abroad. The Director of West Highlander Ms. Parwinder Kaur has earned many licenses and certificates which makes her a reliable Counselor for the students to study abroad. For the UK, she is the Education UK Certified Counselor with years of experience in counseling students who want to study in the UK. For visa, we have trained visa-filing experts. We have high visa-approval success rate.

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