Step-by-step Process to study in UK

UK is one of the developed countries of the world. It has got one of the best education systems in the world. It is home to some of the World Class Universities which make it one of the best Study Abroad destinations.

Choose a consultant who has got representation of the university/ college you wish to study and that consultant would provide you with counselling, admission and visa services free of cost.

To study in UK, you need to follow the below process

  • Choose a relevant course
    This is the first step towards your Study in UK application. Choose a course which is relevant to your academic background. Your Study in UK consultant would help you with this.

  • Apply for offer letter
    Once you have chosen your course, your consultant applies for your offer letter. There is generally no application fee to apply for admission in the UK.

  • Pay your tuition fee
    Once you have got your offer letter, you pay your tuition fee. Depending on the college and university you choose-you may be required to pay 6 months deposit or less. It depends on your choice of university.

  • Apply for your CAS letter- Confirmation of Study
    Once you have paid your tuition fees you apply for your CAS letter also known as Confirmation Of Studies which is mandatory to file your student visa application with UKBA.

  • Prepare your visa documentation
    This is the final step in the preparation of your visa application. You need to arrange your documents for the visa documentation required for you to Study in UK application. You need to show funds for any tuition fees for first year which you have not paid along with cost of living for the first year.

  • Apply for visa
    Once you have completed your documentation, you are ready to file your student visa application.

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