Latest Study Abroad information about Study in UK- TIER 4 Points Based System

Latest Study Abroad information about Study in UK- TIER 4 Points Based System

UK which has always been a favourite study abroad destination among International students has recently made some changes in its Post Study Work Visa policy so that the student gains valuable work experience in a one of the developed economies of the world which would prove beneficial for them to while they start their careers.

With the introduction of 6 months POST STUDY WORK VISA for Undergraduate and Graduate students and 1 year for PHD students UK has become one of the most sought after Study Abroad destinations. This PSW visa after you successfully complete your Undergraduate and Master’s Studies in UK has added to benefits of studying in UK.

What are the benefits of studying in the UK other than recently introduces Post Study Work Visa?

There are many reasons to study in UK. Some of the benefits are as below:

1 Cost Effective

UK is one of the cost effective study abroad destinations. While studying abroad international students and their families have some budget in their mind. UK offers you arrange of options.

Benefit to you

You get a study in one of the developed and advanced countries of the world with one year fee starting from INR 6 LAKH

2 Easy show money

Arranging funds to apply for student visa abroad have been a challenge. The documentation requirement is huge and arranging for funds sometimes consumes the majority of the processing time. The good thing is about UK is that there is no such complicated paper work requirement. You just need to have GBP   11385    if your college is London and GBP   9135   if your college is out of London.  These funds only need to be 28 days old. Other than this there is no other financial and income proof requirement. The paper work is quite simple and international students need to keep in mind that although the paperwork may be less but it must be according to the specifications of UK Embassy and your study abroad consultant plays an important role in guiding you about the required documentation.

Benefit to you

Easy documentation saving you from all the complicated process of collection of documentation.

3 Paid Internship

Almost all the Universities have paid internship for international students which are a big attraction for students wishing to Study in UK. The students doing Bachelors degree study for 2 years and in third year they get paid internship. Similarly for Masters Students pursuing their Study in UK study for first year and get paid internship for second year.

Benefit to you

You get an opportunity to work in a highly developed work environment and come to know about work practices which would be a big addition in your CV.

4 Easy English requirements

English being the official language of UK international students need to have a certain level of English to Study in UK. Generally you need to IELTS band score of 6 with each module 5.5 for admission in Bachelors and 6.5 with no band less than 6 for Masters Courses. If you have less band score you can still apply to study in UK with English language course before your main course.

You may also apply for IELTS WAIVER if you have 65 % marks in English subject in your 12th standard. This is applicable for both for admission in Bachelors and Masters Courses. The only other additional document you need to have is a MOI letter from the school you have done your 12th standard from.

Benefit to you

You need not worry if you have not appeared for any English language proficiency test or do not meet the threshold requirement to secure offer letter. You have the option of English language course or IELTS waiver

5 Low Processing Time for offers and visa

Long processing time is the one of the reasons for frustration of students aspiring to study abroad. The good thing about UK is the processing time for offers letters and student visa is very less .You generally gets offers with one week and the visa processing time for UK student visa applications is about 2 to 3 weeks.

Benefit for you

Low processing time means that it is possible to complete the whole process of your UK student visa in about 2 months.

How is West Highlander placed to help me with my Study in UK application?

We at West Highlander understand that you have some expectations from your Study Abroad consultant. You expect your consultant to have in depth information about Study in UK and experience about handling admission and visa process of UK student visa.  Keeping this in mind we follow the process so that we are able to meet your expectations. For this we have a have strong team of 25 staff members, all well trained and with years of experience. Senior staff members have also travelled across UK and have very sound understanding of UK as a study education market. We have a successful track record of getting UK student visas.