GTE statement for Australia-explaining individual circumstances.

If you would like your Study in Australia visa application to be successful then you need to prepare your GTE statement very carefully. The case officer assessing your Study in Australia application needs to be satisfied by GTE criterion before approving your student visa application for Australia. If the visa officer is not satisfied by these criteria then your visa application would be refused.
The applicant’s circumstances are one of the points the case officer looks while assessing GTE.
Following are the points explained along with one of the many solutions

   The applicant’s circumstances
The case officer looks into the applicant’s circumstances in their home country. The case officer considers various points while assessing this point like

  • Availability of a similar course in the home country and the reasons for not studying there,
  • The ties you have in your home country which would support your intention of returning to your country after successful completion of your studies. Now these circumstances vary individually and you need to address these points in your GTE statement.

Availability of similar courses in home country
Mention about all the research you have done for your study in Australia. Along with this mention about similar courses available in your home country and your reasons for not pursuing those courses. These must not be generic but very specific. As for example you may want to study Engineering but due to limited number of seats available in good colleges and IT’s you are not able to get admission in a quality engineering college. There are other colleges with availability of seats but the education provided over there would not result in jobs as may be evident from the placement record of that college.  This is one of the examples. You need to understand your circumstances and accordingly prepare your GTE statement for your study in Australia.
The ties in your home country
The case officer would also into your tie in your home country. These ties could be financial ties, occupational ties, family ties.  So it is very important to mention about these in your GTE statement for Australia student visa. This information is very important as it helps case officer in making a decision. If you do not provide information regarding ties in your home country it is not necessary that the visa officer will contact you for this information. He may give decision based on the available information supporting your application as well as your GTE Statement. An example of occupational ties may be an offer of employment which you may have or a family business which you are highly likely to join once you successfully complete your study in Australia. Again these are two of the many situations. You need to provide evidence relating to your individual circumstances.
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