Highest paying jobs in Canada for Commerce students 2021

Highest paying jobs in Canada for Commerce students 2021

Last Updated on April 2, 2021 by West Highlander Team

Students planning to study in Canada have a dream of getting a great pay package post holding a degree. Commerce is one of the most satisfying career pathways with numerous high paying jobs in Canada for commerce students 2021. Here are some of the best highest paying jobs in Canada for commerce students 2021.

Top 5 highest paying jobs in Canada for commerce students in 2021

1. Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountant is responsible for matters pertaining to taxation and accounting. As a chartered accountant one is responsible for tax returns, financial accounting and audit reporting the financial documents. You would be preparing and evaluating financial reports and maintaining investment records. You would be managing employer and clientele accounts and offering them accounting, taxation and financial advices. For being a chartered accountant one needs to be good in statistics and accounting, exceptional reasoning abilities, ensure details and accuracy, good experience in auditing or internships, balancing accounts and making presentations.

2. Marketing Manager

As a marketing manager one is expected to manage the marketing sector for products in a company. One plans, estimate, organize and promote businesses. Marketing managers assist in using advertising and public relations for targeting maximized sales and ensuring market presence. A career as a marketing manager one has option of promising and lucrative opportunities with varied specialization in marketing. One should have keen eye for strategic insights, innovative, exceptional communication, navigate through multiple marketing facets and ought to understand digital marketing to make a good career out of the profile.

3. Investment Bankers

Investment bankers work closely with numerous financial institutions and are responsible for increasing the capital for a company. Further they offer financial advice to companies and organization for reaching their financial targets and meeting the short term financial plans. Investment banking has highest paid salaries and one of the highly respected globally preferred jobs. One also has a role in acquisitions and sales. Investors are responsible for generating income and as fund managers are core strength of major corporate companies. Investment bankers need to have great reasoning and analytical abilities, managerial skills and great communication skills.

4. Human Resource Manager

As an HR manager one ensures strategic planning for maintaining the employees in return enhancing the productivity of the company. HR managers recruit, interview and hire new staff members and also ensure employee benefit program, incentives etc. For being a human resource manager needs to have good communication skills, interpersonal and leadership skills and highly efficient.

5. Chartered Financial Analyst

As a CFA one is responsible for performing analysis of return and risks, data collection, financial model planning and more. One has to maintain accounts and also look after financial planning of the organization. A CFA needs to have statistical and analytical skills, ability to generate and understand graphical representatives, decision making capabilities and also be able to use analysis technologies.

Some of the other highest paying jobs in Canada for commerce students planning to join educational institutes for various courses specializing in profiles:
1. Certified Public Accountant
2. Actuary
3. Cost Accountant
4. Business Accountant and Taxation
5. Retail Manager
Research Analyst
6. Entrepreneur
7. Cost Management Accountant
8. Product Manager

Best 15 Careers in Commerce

Other than these there are various other highest paying salary jobs for commerce students. With BBA, B.Com and MBA and similar subject lines can also be :
1. Financial Examiner
2. Management Analysts
3. Investment Analysts
4. Budget Analyst
5. Finance Manager
6. Auditor
7. Stock Broker
8. Statistician
9. Relationship Manager
10. Corporate Banking Executive
11. Accounts and Finance Executive
12. Credit Control Manager
13. Corporate Controller
14. Risk and Insurance Manager
15. Sales Managers


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