IELTS requirement for Nurses for Canada PR 2021

Canada is a land of opportunities. For moving to Canada for Nurses there are several options. One must be qualified to come to Canada as a skilled worker which means you previously must have experience of working as a nurse. There are several provinces in Canada where the requirement for health workers and nurses is huge. Based on your own interest of applying to a certain province or to a federal program one can apply for Canada PR 2021 programs and meet the requirement.

For nurses planning to apply for Canada PR 2021 there are four major ways one can apply through:

  1. Express Entry
  2. Provincial Nominee Programs
  3. Quebec Immigration
  4. Study route

In this article, we’ll provide an outline of each of the above mentioned ways for nurses to move to Canada. Further we would also be talking about the requirements and addressing IELTS requirement for nurses for Canada PR 2021.

Express Entry

Nurses can qualify for Canada PR under the FSW or federal skilled worker program on meeting the program requirements. Applicants are required to score 67 out of 100 points for their express entry profile to be valid to enter the pool of applicants. From here on the federal government conducts a draw and applicants are selected based on their CRS score. On being selected applicants received ITA and can apply for Canada PR. Few of the advantages of the program include a 6 months processing time and no fee for entering the pool. The minimum IELTS requirement for Nurses for Canada PR through express entry is 6.0

Quebec Immigration

Another option for Nurses to be eligible for Canada PR is to apply for Quebec Immigration. Quebec Skilled Worker Program has easier points requirement where an individual applicant is required to score 50 points and will be eligible for Canada PR, with spouse you need 59 points. An applicant is required to meet the minimum IELTS requirement of CLB 7 or IELTS 6. Further, one can gain additional points for french language.

Provincial Nominee Programs

Another Canada PR option for nurses is to opt for provincial nominee program . One can opt for a province of choice based on the job market requirement of the province and fulfill the requirements of the PNP program to settle and work in the province under Canada PR. One of the major benefit of applying for express entry linked PNP program is that one gets 600 bonus CRS points on being selected by PNP which almost assures chances of selection of nurses for Canada PR. Further, majority of PNPs have huge labor market requirement for nurses in Canada. There are several PNP programs and one must check with Canada PR consultant in Chandigarh for the minimum IELTS requirement for nurses for Canada PR 2021.

Study in Canada

Is another way of moving forward with your Canada PR program. Now applicants can firstly opt for a study visa and for the same IELTS requirement is 6 overall and higher depending on the course you are planning to undertake. On completion of the program one can apply for post study work permit work for few years and then go forward and apply for Canada PR while being in Canada through Canadian Experience class.

So in a nutshell, as you see there are numerous options to choose for immigrating to Canada as a nurse. One has to find the one program where one checks all the requirement. Luckily, you can opt for our free profile assessment session with expert and licensed Canadian counselors and can take assistance for your speedy immigration process. We are licensed immigration consultancy actively offering successful results for 15 years and continuing.