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Express Entry immigration of Canada favours low-wage workers

Express Entry System was launched in the year 2015 to fast track the applications for permanent resident who meet certain criteria.  The goal of the express entry system is to match the supply and demand for skills in Canada. The top 5 categories of workers invited to apply for permanent residence under the Express Entry System are:-

  • Food service workers
  • Cooks
  • Information System Analysts
  • Software engineers
  • Computer programmers

The high skilled temporary foreign workers can apply for permanent residency through express entry. If an employer in Canada wants to offer a temporary foreign worker a permanent job, then a foreign worker could apply through express entry.  Last year, express entry program allowed cooks and food workers to apply than professors and engineers. Under the new express entry program, immigrants who apply for low-wage jobs in Canada are favoured over those who apply for more professional positions. This information was shared by Toronto Immigration Consultant- Parmjit Mangat.  Mangat shared that new immigrants may not find stable jobs and can be at the risk of having their rights violated by the employers.

In the first year, 191, 279 profiles were created under the Express Entry system and out of those only 31,000 were issues invitations to apply for permanent residency. Though there are hundreds of job categories prevalent in the system, but food service workers and cooks accounted for 16 percent of all invitations. Mangat also shared that food service workers are being invited to apply for permanent resident status when they do not have jobs offers on table. While, engineers and university professors are bypassed until they find work.  The entire process needs to be streamlined to determine what kind of people Canada wants.  The ongoing shortage of workers in the food service industry is because of poor working conditions.

According to the new points system, express entry will favour younger newcomers over older ones.  Applicants, who are aged between 20 to 29, would receive 110 points and those 17 or over 45 will receive zero points.

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