Study in Canada Co-op Programs

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Canada is a dream destination for many study abroad destinations. It has got lots of course options for students. Students can choose to study in a community college, private university, public university or a private college.

Opting for study program that includes work experience as part of the curriculum lets you explore careers and gain paid work experience while completing your qualification. It may prove to be excellent way to learn how your intended qualification related to real life challenges.  Co op programs in Canada are one such option for students aspiring to study in Canada. Students get paid work experience while they complete their study in Canada. Integration of studies with program-related experience results in better trainer workers hence may lead to better job opportunities.

What are co op programs for study in Canada?

Co op programs for study in Canada are courses where students can work in an industry or filed related to their field of study. It is an excellent opportunity for students to get practical experience along with completing their course in Canada. Mostly these programs are a part of curriculum in such way that they come in alternate pattern. Students may have one semester of course program which is alternated with one semester of co op work.

 Benefit of Co-op Programs

Co op programs are popular among international students because if many benefits they have got. Following are few of the benefits of CO op courses in Canada

  • Getting Paid work experience while study

Most of the co op work experience is paid. In this way students get to earn while they are completing their course in Canada. Having work experience increases the chances of getting a job after completion of the study program.

  • Course related work experience

It is not only about getting any work experience. The students get course related work experience. The co op programs are related to the field the student is studying.  This is an excellent opportunity to gain work experience in a related field of study. Students gain the advantage of having real world work experience which they may mention in their resume.

  • Better trained workers

Co op programs may produce better trained workers which may increase the chances of landing in the job.

How to Work as co op student

The next question which may come in the students mind is that how to work as a co op student. For this the student needs to apply for a Co op work permit. Students must keep in mind that studying a co op program on study permit does not mean that they can work in a co op which is a part of the study program. Students need to apply for a co op work permit.

 Requirements of co op work permit

To apply for a co op work permit students need to meet the below requirements

  • They must have a valid study permit
  • They must have evidence that work is required to complete the study program in Canada
  • The Co op placement must not exceed 50% of the study program. It must be 50 % or less than 50% of the study program the student is doing in Canada.
  • A Confirmation letter from college or the university is required stating that the co op placement is mandatory to complete the program of study,

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