Is Study Gap Acceptable In Canada for 2021

Is Study Gap Acceptable In Canada for 2021?

Numerous students have the desire of studying in Canada. Often it has been noticed that students planning to apply for a study program in Canada come to realize that their study gap or not having completed their academic journey continuously can create an issue. However, applicants who wish to apply for a Canada study visa in 2021 need not worry. The study gap is acceptable in Canada for 2021 applicants and can witness success with their visa application.

   Is the study gap acceptable in Canada for 2021?

  How many years of study gap are acceptable in Canada?

  How do I justify my study gap?

Are both these questions bothering you? Look no further and read ahead for answers to all your queries.

Is Study Gap acceptable in Canada for 2021?

Certainly, Canada is an immigration friendly country and as long as you have genuine reasons for break or pause in your studies your study gap is acceptable in Canada.

Reasons of study gap can vary from one applicant to another.  Some of the most common reasons are:

  1. Health problems- In case of an accident, illness for which a student took break from studies can be justified by providing testified documents on the health.
  2. Family Situations– Often a family issue can create a pause in your studies. For applying for your Canada Study visa make sure you provide your study visa consultant complete and honest information. Further your visa officer may question you on the same, so be truthful and give complete information to them.
  3. Reappearing for exams– Often you may wish to give a certain exam to improve your score or ensure of better prospects. In such a case you need to provide proper justification to your case officer. Further mentioning the same in your statement of purpose is necessary.
  4. Work Experience- In case you complete a certain study course and took up a job it is an acceptable gap for studying in Canada in 2021. With proper experience letter, offer letter and pay slips you could explain your case and ensure the success of your Canada study permit.
  5. Preparation for Government Jobs– Certain times students spend time in looking for government jobs and due to high competition are not able to make through. This could be a possible reason and with proper justification the case can be explained easily to the case officer.

How many years of study gap acceptable in Canada for 2021?

The question which bothers students most is how many years of study gap is acceptable. Students firstly should ensure that in case of a study gap they should provide honest answers and reasons for having the gap. The years of study gap is not an issue as long as your case is genuine. One should avoid fraudulent practices of acquiring degrees or experience certificates to fill the gap as immigration authorities are vigilant and strict about the same. Your case of Canada study visa would be based on numerous factors. As long as you have a strong case and can explain the reasons for the study gap Canada study visa in 2021 is certainly not an issue.

Justifying your Study gap

Students who are planning to apply for Canada study visa in 2021 should carefully look into their study gap and ensure they firstly provide their Canada study visa consultants with proper and honest reasons for gap. Secondly, your case officer based on your reasons would suggest numerous documents or reasons which can be explained well in your statement of purpose. In case of a medical health concern evidences and medical reports, family issue or practicing for government job can be explained through your statement of purpose. Work Experience in case a student has is always considered to be beneficial and even if it created a gap in your studies can be explained by providing documents in support of your work experience.

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