Is IELTS General Training and IELTS academics both acceptable for SDS Canada study visa

Is IELTS General Training and IELTS academics both acceptable for SDS Canada study visa?


Students planning to enroll in the upcoming intake for studying in Canada are constantly worried about the approval of their Canada study visa. Another common struggle among students planning to enroll for Canada study visa is the language proficiency test or IELTS examination which is a prerequisite for Indian students.

IELTS examination is a mandatory requirement for Indian students planning to apply for Canada study visa. This examination is conducted in two categories that are IELTS academics which are meant for study purpose while IELTS General Training exam is meant for General migration purposes and various programs.

The minimum language band requirement for study in Canada program is minimum 6 bands in each of the IELTS module. This enables you to apply for student direct stream. Students often wonder and have queries about the various terms for applying for Canada study visa. Your study in Canada consultants in Chandigarh would be explaining complete details on all your questions related to Canada study visa:



Is IELTS General Training and IELTS academics both acceptable for SDS Canada study visa?


According to the latest updates, both IELTS General Training and IELTS academics are acceptable for SDS Canada study visa as long as you meet the requirements and have scored minimum of 6 bands in each of the reading, writing, listening and speaking module.



What is SDS program for Canada study visa?


Student Direct Stream or SDS is the answer for hassle free documentation and visa processing scenario while applying to various Canada study programs at different universities. Applicants applying for SDS are benefitted as the Canada study permit processing time for students who check out all the eligibility requirements is around 20 days.



Why should I apply for SDS program for Canada study visa?


Firstly, the number of registered DLI or designated learning institutes in Canada under SDS program is vast. Secondly, these colleges provide post graduation work permit which ensures that you get to experience your learnt skills practically for certain duration. For example if your study course duration was 1 year then work permit equal to it is offered whereas for courses of 2 years you can get 2-3 years of post study work permit depending on the course. Your study consultant for Canada in Chandigarh can correctly guide you on the numerous perks. Moreover, as the processing time of applying under SDS for Canada study visa is quick that is of 20 days one doesn’t need to wait a longer duration in anticipation.


What are the eligibility requirements for SDS Canada study visa?


In order to be eligible for quicker and easier processing under SDS Canada study visa a candidate needs to fulfill certain criteria-


  1. Proof of language proficiency- Student needs to complete the language requirement in English or French or both depending on the course.

IELTS minimum of overall 6.0 bands is required and no less than 6.0 in each of the four modules-reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Test d’Evaluation de Français – For French language student requires CLB 7 for each skill with reading-207, Writing-310, Speaking -310 and Listening-249.

  1. GIC certificate- Guaranteed Investment Certificate of $10,000 is required from bank insured by Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation. Consult your Canada study counselor in Chandigarh to seek guidance.
  2. Tuition Fee payment- One of the other SDS Canada study visa requirement is that student is required to submit the proof of payment of tuition fee payment for first year of study. In case you score a 6 in each module of IELTS and are only able to pay only 1 semester fee than you can apply under the non-SDS category.





What are the documents required for SDS visa application?


Following documents are required for SDS visa application:


  1. Transcripts- Students must submit the latest secondary as well post secondary educational transcripts.
  2. Letter of Acceptance- LOA should be presented from a post secondary DLI or designated learning institute.
  3. Proof of Medical Examination and Police Certificate.
  4. In case applying to study in Quebec then Certificate of Acceptance from Quebec (CAQ) is required.



Is applying for SDS program for Canada study visa expensive?


The Canada study permit costs around $150 which is reasonable. Other than this student needs to previously obtain a GIC certificate and must have made the tuition fee for the year.


What is DLI?


DLI or Designated Learning institute is a college, university or school as authorized by the province or territorial government to host international students. In case you are planning to pursue higher studies at an undergraduate or post graduate level you would require securing a Canada study permit. For securing Canada study permit your institute must be registered as a DLI or Designated learning institute and you must obtain an acceptance letter from the institute.


In case I am not eligible under SDS can I still apply for Canada study visa?

Yes, you can still apply for Canada study visa under the non-SDS category.



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