Canada student Visa Success Rate 2020-2021


Canada is a popular destination for Indian students who wish to pursue further studies. The ample opportunities for employment, multicultural environment, leading institutes, top-notch teaching methodologies, and faculties have resulted in it being a popular destination. The Great White North or Canada has a lot to offer and every year number of students apply for a Canada student visa under the best Canada student visa consultants in Chandigarh.


There are numerous factors that have resulted in Canadian student visa success over the years. Here we would be observing the reason for success over the years and predictions for the upcoming academic years and intake.

How to improve your success rate for Canada study visa 2021




Canada Student Visa Success Rate for 2020-2021

Factors responsible for success with Canada student visa:

Meeting requirements for the Student Visa application


  1. The first and foremost requirement for success with your student visa for Canada is to apply under the right program.
  2. There are two program SDS and Non-SDS programs for Canada student visa and you should understand the requirement well before applying for any of the student visa for Canada.
  3. Your Canada student visa consultant in Chandigarh can guide you towards Canada student visa success by providing complete guidance and requirement for the program.


Intent for Canada Study abroad program


  1. This is another crucial factor for Canada student visa success rate.
  2. Your intention to the immigration officer should be clear that you plan to move to Canada for the purpose of the Canada study program.
  3. Your Canada study permit allows you temporary residence and the rights and rules associated with the visa should be abided for success with your Canada student visa.


English Proficiency test scores



  1. Your IELTS/PTE/TOEFL score is another factor for success with your Canada student visa success.
  2. You would be required to meet the requirement of the Canadian university or college you are planning to apply.
  3. Further, the requirement for undergraduate degrees is 6 bands in IELTS whereas the requirement for a postgraduate degree is 6.5 bands. Some universities and colleges might ask for a higher requirement so one should check the University or Canada college program requirement.
  4. Having additional knowledge of French is always beneficial as the country has predominantly both English and French as its official languages.


Sufficient Funds


  1. Another factor that is important for the success of your Canada student visa is having adequate funds to meet your tuition and cost of living expenditure in Canada for the time you wish to stay in Canada.
  2. To meet the expenses you would be required to have a GIC account and deposit $10,000 in the account.
  3. In case one of your family members is planning to accompany you during your Canada study abroad program you would be required to have enough funds to meet expenses for both and returning back home.


Academic Qualification


  1. Students planning to apply for a Canada student visa would be required to have transcripts for their matriculation, senior secondary, and graduation/diploma degree.
  2. You need to have at least second division to be eligible to apply for Canada study abroad program.


Letter of Acceptance from the Canadian institute


  1. Once you submit your application to the Canadian University or college you wish to pursue your study abroad program you would require a letter of acceptance from the institute stating that they accept you as a future student.
  2. Ensure Canada University or college you are applying is DLI or Designated Learning Institute.
  3. Your Canada study abroad consultant can provide you complete details of universities and colleges suitable as per your previous education and interest.
  4. In case you are clueless on finding the List of colleges for Canada 2021 Intake or Courses Offered In Canadian Institutes For 2021 Intake your Canada student visa consultant is your best guide.


Statement of Purpose


  1. Statement of purpose has to be provided by you for Canada student visa success to study in Canada.
  2. This particular document would provide the institute clarity on the reasons for choosing a particular course and institute, your future plans, reasons for leaving your own country, your academic and non academic achievement and any other information which is related to your Canada study visa program.
  3. Ensure you write this statement of purpose well keeping all the pointers in mind as it can increase your chances of Canada student visa success rate.


Work Experience


  1. In case you have worked after completing your studies in your own home country you would be required to provide proof of the same.
  2. This would include your experience letters, salary slips, offer letters.


Medical examination

  1. As an international student you would be required to provide medical report by an empanelled doctor and the same report is shared to the CIC.
  2. This provides proof that the student is of sound physical and mental condition.



Valid passport


  1. You should posses a valid passport for Canada study permit for the time period you would be in the country.


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