Courses offered in Canadian Institutes for 2021 intake


Canada has become a leading name for internationally recognized degrees and the most sought after name among Indian students for the numerous quality courses offered in Canadian institutes. With 10 universities in Canada ranking among the 250 institutes globally as per QS World Ranking 2020 there is no denying that students are looking ahead for courses offered in Canadian institutes for 2021 intake. There are numerous factors which have made Canadian institutes the leading name from affordable tuition fees, high quality teaching instruction, Canada post study work permit and path to gain Canada PR eventually there is no holding back the young and talented. According to ICEF monitor Indian student comprise 30.16% of the total international student that migrate to Canada and the numbers are growing exponentially. In 2019 more than 1 lakh students have migrated to Canada.


Here are a few courses offered in Canadian Institutes for 2021 intake which would be beneficial for aspiring students:



Business and Finance



  1. Like any other nation, business and finance form the foundation of the economy.
  2. A business and Finance degree can ensure that you are updated on the financial market functions and its applications.
  3. There are numerous business and finances programs in Canada for Indian students:


        • BBA in Finance
        • BCom in Finance
        • Master’s in Accounting
        • Master’s in Financial Risk Management
        • MBA in Finance


  1. The most popular jobs with a business and finance degree are:


        • Accounting
        • Insurance
        • Banking
        • Investment Management
        • Broking
        • Asset Management

  1. While these being popular courses offered in Canadian Institutes for 2021 intake one would be keen to know the salaries you could earn after these degrees as a graduate.



Job Hourly Wage
Financial Accountant $31
Financial Analyst $33
Accounting Clerk $19
Book Keeper $19



These are estimated figures and your best Canada study consultant would be your best source for providing you complete details and the application process.



Computer Science and IT




  1. As Canada is growing exponentially in terms of technological advancements and has to aid the requirement of the migrants’ computer science and IT professionals are highly in demand in Canada to meet the requirement of their own labor market.
  2. IT managers and software engineers are the top 10 highly in-demand positions in Canada as per CIC reports.
  3. Students planning to opt for Computer science and IT courses in Canada for the 2021 intake can look at the following courses:


        • BSc in Computer Science
        • BSc in Data Science
        • BSc in Statistics and Computer Science
        • MSc in Computing Science and Statistical Machine Learning
        • BSc in Computer Science


  1. Developers who can handle both the front and back end are highly in demand in Canada.
  2. Following are the most sought after jobs in Canada for Computer Science and IT professionals:


        • Project Manager
        • Software Engineer
        • Web Developer
        • Program Analyst
        • Java Developer


  1. Talking about wages for IT graduate here is an approximate idea area wise:



City Average IT salary per year
Toronto $55,000-$119,000
Vancouver $55,000-$119,000
Montreal $45,000-100,000
Calgary $57,000-$125,000
Edmonton $58,000-$125,000
Ottawa $61,000-$125,000
Quebec City $42,000-$91,000
Halifax $57,000-$116,000





  1. Engineering is a highly opted subject among the courses offered in Canadian institutes by Indian students planning to pursue higher studies.
  2. As per reports by a leading Canada analytics agency Randstad, engineering is one discipline that is going to see projected growth by 2025.
  3. Engineers are highly in demand all over Canada and its provinces due to a shortage of skilled talent in the labor market.
  4. Few of the most opted engineering programs and highly effective for 2021 intake are:


        • Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering
        • Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering
        • Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering
        • Masters in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
        • Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering


  1. The entry-level wages for a few of the engineering profiles are as follow for graduates in Canada (figures are estimated):


Position Hourly Wage
Civil Engineer $39
Mechanical Engineer $39
Electrical Engineer $39
Software Engineer $42




Health and Medicine


  1. Since time inception there has always been a need for medical assistance and health sciences and medicine is a great subject of interest in this regard.
  2. HeaLth industry contributes more than $7.8 million to Canada’s GDP and has been growing exponentially.
  3. Digital heath is another industry with growth potential and has been targeting the $233 billion global markets in the upcoming years. Precision medicine is targeted at $88 billion markets by 2023.
  4. Top health and medicine courses offered in Canadian institutes for 2021 intake are:


        • MSc in Laboratory Medicine and Path biology
        • Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
        • Doctor of Medicine
        • Masters in Biomedical Informatics


  1. The average healthcare and medicine salaries are $31,444 per year which is approximately $16.13 per hour. Entry-level positions are at $27, 300 per year while experienced workers can earn up to $52,454 per year.



Media and Journalism



  1. With the influx of digital mediums, the internet has become the dominant backbone for Media and journalism accessible to everyone at a click. Though the print medium is getting out of the way it has brought in revolution via digital platforms.
  2. The demand for skilled and experienced content developers, writers, digital marketing, media creation and production, interactive designs is widely increasing.
  3. The most popular courses for 2021 intake are:


        • Master of Journalism
        • BA in Digital Media and Journalism
        • BA in Media Production
        • BA in Communication and Media Studies
        • Bachelors in Interactive Media Design


  1. The top careers after getting a media and journalism degree are:


        • Digital Media Creation
        • Advertising
        • Marketing
        • Social Media PR
        • Journalism
        • Interactive Media Design
        • UX/UI Design
        • Creative and Graphic Design

  1. The average salaries for media and journalism graduates are as follow in Canada (approximate figures):


Job Average yearly Salary
Social Media Marketing $49,715
Web Content Management $55,915
Video Editing $44,808
Graphic Design $48,931
Online Marketing $48,623
Digital Marketing Manager $44,000
Communications Coordinator $35,000



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