What are the upcoming intakes in 2021 to study in Canada?

What are the upcoming intakes in 2021 to study in Canada?



Students planning to study in Canada in 2021 are in luck! Canada is one of the most popular hubs for Indian students planning to enroll in Canadian colleges and universities. Canada offers lucrative benefits to students beginning with globally recognized education, employment opportunities and multicultural exposure which can result in your overall personality development.


For the upcoming intakes in 2021 to study in Canada the colleges and universities offer three intakes to the talent young Indians.  Intake in some Canadian universities can also be referred to as a semester. Three intakes in Canada are:


  1. Fall
  2. Winter
  3. Summer



We would be discussing ahead about the intakes in 2021 to study in Canada and how to go about it:


  1. Fall intake is the most common and popular intake as the climate is favorable and you get more time to blend into the Canadian culture before start of academic year. The fall intake starts in September.
  2. Winter intake usually starts in January and for those students who miss out on the fall intake, this intake is a good opportunity.
  3. Summer intake is for limited programs and colleges and kick starts around April or May.



Question: Which intake is best for me?



  1. Indian students who are deciding intake in 2021 to study in Canada it can be difficult to choose the best intake for the desirable course.
  2. There are some factors which you should consider before enrolling for the preferred program such as your previous scores and grades, entrance test result, acceptance rate of the university or college you plan to apply to, employment opportunities once you are done with the course and how soon you might have to join the program.
  3. There is no doubt that most students prefer to enroll in fall intake but winter and summer intake are good too.
  4. Your Canada study abroad consultant will always suggest you to prepare for the application once your scorecards are ready. There is no need to hurry as Canadian universities offer many options to talented students.




Question: What are the intakes available for different programs in Canada universities and colleges?



  1. For Undergraduate or Postgraduate program in a Canadian University the fall intake is in September and the deadline is usually December to March.
  2. The winter intake for undergraduate or postgraduate program in Canadian university is in January and the deadline is usually September to November.
  3. Diploma programs in Colleges offer three intakes January intake for which the deadline is August to September, May intake for which the deadline is January to February and August/September intake for which you should start planning to apply by February to April.
  4. Your Canada study abroad consultant is your best resource person to guide you towards successful application process. West Highlander is seasoned and best Canada study abroad consultant in Chandigarh with highest application success rate.



Question: When is the right time to apply for September intake in Canada?



  1. To apply for September intake the right time to begin your application process is August to October.
  2. It is advised to see the deadline for the university or college you plan to apply for 2021 study in Canada program one month prior to your deadline.
  3. You should not delay the reply to university emails. In case you miss out on the September intake don’t worry read ahead.



Question: When is the right time to apply for January Intake in Canada?



  1. In case you have missed the admission deadline for the fall or September intake don’t worry. You can opt for winter intake. Indian students planning to continue their study in Canada in 2021 can opt for this intake and continue their study without a pause.
  2. Deadline for this begins between September and November. However it can vary for different Canadian Institutes.
  3. Your Canada study abroad consultant  is the best guide to facilitate your comfortable and fast Canada study permit application in time.



Question: When is the right time to apply for summer 2021 intake in Canada?


  1. To being your summer 2021 intake in Canada the right time to start beginning the application process is in October to December.
  2. Most summer intake Canadian universities and colleges will have deadline in April and May. So to have an edge and be a step ahead you can begin your process for study abroad Canada from December to February and be ready in advance.
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Question: Is the deadline flexible for 2021 to study in Canada?


Deadlines for diploma and post graduate diplomas are flexible in Canadian institute in case there are seats available for the course you are planning to enroll in.



 Question: In case I miss my deadline for the 2021 study in Canada application what are my options?



  1. Firstly, in case you miss your deadline you have to contact your institute and ask them if there is a last call for admission which usually is in April and May.
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Question: Why West Highlander?



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