Canada study visa approval rate 20-21: Factors



Canada is one of the growing nations in terms of steady volume of students from India moving in for study programs. There are numerous top universities in Canada that require you to have a remarkable academic score in order to secure a Canada study permit. There is no denying that Canada stays the number one choice among students for further studies due to the vast benefits the country offers to foreign students.

Firstly, the friendly Canada immigration policy ensures that students are welcomed every year to promote the economy of the country. Secondly, the tuition fee seems easy on the pocket of students as compared to other developed nations. Thirdly, the global companies where you could practice your educational qualification after completing your Canada course after getting an extension with a post-study work permit. Lastly, the opportunity to transition into Canada PR is available to students as long as they are able to maintain their stay in the country well.


However, prior to availing of the benefits your Canada study visa approval would depend on various factors. To ensure maximum gain out of Canada study visa approval rate 20-21 some pointers should be kept in mind to smoothen your application process.


Understanding Canada study permit


  1. Canada study permit is a document you would require and would be issued by Canada immigration authority.
  2. It is a permission for Indian and foreign students to study in Canada.
  3. You cannot study in Canada without a valid study permit. Further, if you have a study permit you are allowed to enroll in a DLI or designated learning institute which is necessary for students planning to enroll in Canada study program.
  4. Your study permit ensures determines your success in Canada study visa approval.



How to get Canada study permit?




  1. To obtain a Canada study permit you would need to have a letter of introduction and other documents as advised by your Canada study visa consultant to the airport.
  2. You need to present all the documents to your immigration officer along with passport. Here on the officer would validate the documents and if adequate you would be issued a Canada study permit.


Prior to moving to this which would be the last step you need to understand the requirements for Canada study visa approval rate 20-21 factors or requirements:


Requirements for Canada study visa



To be eligible for a Canada study visa you need to have the following:

  1. You would be required to provide transcripts and records of your previous education: 10th, 12th, graduation records.
  2. Your IELTS scores play another important factor and for graduate programs, you need a minimum of 6 and for the post-graduate course, you need 6.5. You could also provide PTE/TOEFL scores.
  3. Statement of Purpose has to be well drafted which needs to be sent to the Designated Learning Institute (DLI) for enrollment purpose. SOP would include your reasons for choosing the course program.
  4. Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from DLI in case they accept you as a possible student is another crucial factor in determining your Canada study visa approval.
  5. You should possess adequate funds to pay your tuition fee and living expenses. Your Canada study visa consultant would provide you complete details on the requirements. You need to have a GIC account with $10,000 to support your stay.
  6. Other than this you need to get a health checkup. You would be required to provide a medical certificate to validate this factor.
  7. In case your spouse plans to accompany you during your Canada study program then you need to have sufficient funds to support the stay of both of you.

Other than this you should be able to convince your visa officer of your intention to leave Canada after the conclusion of your study program.


How to apply for a Canada study visa?


Following are the steps to apply for Canada study visa:

  1. Check the course you wish to apply and select the college/university. Ensure you fulfill the requirements of the course.
  2. Processing time – The visa application takes around a month or two. So it is wise to apply in time for a particular intake and consult your Canada study visa consultant to guide you and you can achieve success in Canada study visa approval.
  3. Apply- You could apply through the online medium for fast success. Ensure all your documents are in order to apply for a Canada study visa.
  4. VFS Consent Form has to be attached with your application form. Your Canada study visa consultant would advise you on the same.
  5. The processing fee is another factor. This is a non-refundable fee so ensure you double-check your application and all documents.
  6. In case your spouse plans to tag along with you then you need to pay the appropriate processing fee for both.


How to apply for Canada study visa successfully

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