Is hotel management a good career option in Canada

Is hotel management a good career option in Canada?


Well yes! Hotel management is one of the top choices among students from India planning to enroll themselves in a study abroad program in Canada. Hotel management teaches you management skills required to run a hotel smoothly to its complete potential ranging from attending guests to housekeeping and beyond. It would teach you social and personal skills efficiently required to run a business successfully and it is a dynamic career involving human interaction.

Hotel Management is a widely preferred choice among students with good salary packages after getting a degree and offers you a stable career pathway in the industry. The institutes in Canada for hotel management offer global professional industry standards and programs and courses are available to assist students to meet the demands of the industry and the global standards of hospitality.


Hotel Management in Canada: Benefits


  1. As a student in hotel management you would be enrolled in hands-on practical industry course which would offer you real time experience of how the industry functions and day to day challenges one need to resolve.
  2. Your Hotel management in Canada course would include you being made expert to cater to the special needs of International Hospitality Management standards.
  3. Colleges in Canada offering hotel management courses have on campus training facilities which are similar to running a real time hotel or restaurant services.
  4. College in Canada offering hotel management programs have courses ranging from certificate, degree or diploma courses so that one can upgrade their knowledge as per the requirement of the industry.
  5. You would be trained and assisted in becoming expert as per the current hospitality standards.



Admission Requirements for Hotel Management in Canada


Following are the admission requirements for Hotel Management courses in Canada:

  1. Higher Secondary transcripts and mark sheets with a good score card.
  2. IELTS or language proficiency requirement which is minimum of 6.0 overall and no less than 6 in each of the module of reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  3. Other than this you would be required to get a GIC certificate for $10,000 and meet the requirements of your designated learning institute for Hotel management along with the fee payment for the first year. Your Canada study Consultant in Chandigarh would guide you on the same.


Top Colleges for Hotel Management in Canada


  1. Seneca College


Seneca College is a popular and top multiple college campus situated in Ontario. Students planning on taking hotel management in Canada have preferred this college for its Hospitality Management Courses offered in the Markham campus.


  1. Hospitality Management and Restaurant Management Program –Duration 2 years
  2. Hospitality Foundation course- Duration 2 months



  1. Imperial Hotel Management College


One of the finest schools of Hotel management and hospitality in Canada, Imperial Hotel Management College has campuses in Vancouver, Toronto and Victoria. The college has been accredited by PCTIA under Ministry of Advanced Education of British Columbia. The college is also a British Columbia Education Quality Assurance qualified institution.



  1. Executive Hotel Management Diploma Program –Duration 9 months
  2. Advanced Diploma in International Hotel Management Program – Duration 12 months


  1. Selkirk College



Selkirk College is one of the finest and older academic establishments first started in the year 1966. The university/college has 8 campuses and Hospitality and Hotel Management courses are provided in multiple areas.




  1. Cook Training, Professional
  2. Culinary Management Diploma Program
  3. Golf Club Operations Online Certificate Program
  4. Post-Graduate Diploma in Business & Tourism Management
  5. Resort and Hotel Management
  6. Ski Resort Operations and Management



  1. George Brown College

Is another excellent choice for student considering hotel management as a good career option in Canada! The college has top notch infrastructure and training centers and has made a name for itself in Toronto.  Under the two schools- Chef School and



  1. Diploma in Hotel Operations Management
  2. Hospitality Services Certification course


  1. Vancouver Premier College of Hotel Management


One of most popular Hotel Management Colleges is Vancouver Premier College of Hotel Management. The college has alumni that have been successfully working around the world in global chains and most famous hotels and restaurants.




  1. Diploma courses in Hospitality Management (12 months or 24 months co-op)
  2. Diploma courses in Hospitality Operations (8 months or 16 months co-op)
  3. Certificate of Specialization courses in Event Management
  4. Certificate of Specialization courses in Food Service Management
  5. Certificate of Specialization courses in Marketing & Sales Management
  6. Certificate of Specialization courses in Rooms Division Management




  1. Niagara College


The college was established in the year 1961 and offers numerous courses in Hospitality and Hotel Management in Ontario region. The Canadian Food and Wine Institute of this college is one of the reputed and post popular institutes in Canada.




  1. Culinary Innovation and Food Technology
  2. Renovation Technician
  3. Baker – Apprenticeship
  4. Cook – Apprenticeship
  5. Baking and Pastry Arts
  6. Culinary Management
  7. Culinary Skills – Chef Training






  1. Algonquin College


Algonquin College has 3 campuses and over 16000 students enrolled in full time courses. The school of Hospitality claims to have 85% employment rate within 6 months of being graduate.




  1. Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management(Bachelor Degrees)
  2. Culinary Management(Diploma)
  3. Esthetician(Diploma)
  4. Hair Stylist(Diploma)
  5. Hospitality Management – Hotel and Restaurant(Diploma)
  6. Tourism and Travel(Diploma)
  7. Event Management(Graduate Certificate)
  8. Food and Nutrition Management(Graduate Certificate)
  9. Assistant Cook(Ontario College Certificate)
  10. Baking & Pastry Arts(Ontario College Certificate)
  11. Bartending(Ontario College Certificate)
  12. Cook Apprenticeship(Ontario College Certificate)
  13. Culinary Skills – Chef Training (Online)(Ontario College Certificate)
  14. Culinary Skills – Chef Training(Ontario College Certificate)
  15. Hair Stylist Apprenticeship(Ontario College Certificate)
  16. Institutional Cook(Ontario College Certificate)
  17. Sommelier Fundamentals (Part-time)(Ontario College Certificate)
  18. Sommelier (Part-time)(Ontario College Certificate)


  1. Fanshawe College

Another popular choice among candidates planning to take on hotel management course in Canada is Fanshawe College which is one of the largest colleges in Ontario. It has around 400 faculties working towards training students in full time hotel management courses.






  1. Advanced Baker/Patisserie [Apprenticeship]
  2. Artisanal Culinary Arts
  3. Culinary Management
  4. Culinary Management – Apprentice
  5. Culinary Skills – Chef Training
  6. Food and Nutrition Management
  7. Hospitality Management – Food and Beverage
  8. Hospitality Management – Food and Beverage (Co-op) (2013/14)
  9. Hospitality Management – Hotel
  10. Hospitality Management – Hotel (Co-op)


  1. Humber College

Humber College’s School of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism Management is highly popular among Indian students planning to get started with Hotel Management course in Canada.  The college is award winning college for its schools of hospitality management and culinary. The school offers state of the art facilities, expert faculties and extensive industrial internship programs to students.





  1. Baking & Pastry Management
  2. Culinary Management
  3. Culinary Skills
  4. Fitness & Health Promotion
  5. Food & Beverage Service
  6. Food & Nutrition Management
  7. Hospitality Management-Hotel & Restaurant
  8. Massage Therapy
  9. Recreation & Leisure Services
  10. Sport Management
  11. Tourism Management-Travel Industry Services
  12. Tourism & Hospitality Management-Event Planning
  13. Exercise Science & Lifestyle Management
  14. Hospitality & Tourism Operations Management
  15. Cook Apprenticeship
  16. Institutional Cook Apprentice


  1. Centennial College


One of the oldest public institutes in Ontario Centennial College in Ontario offers courses in Schools of Hospitality, Tourism, and Culture. The courses range from short term to long-duration courses and target to make students industry and career ready.



  1. Baking and Pastry Arts Management
  2. Baking- Commercial Bakeries
  3. Culinary Management- International
  4. Culinary Skills – Chef Training
  5. Food Processing and Packaging
  6. Hospitality and Tourism Administration
  7. Hospitality Foundations
  8. Hospitality Management – Hotel and Resort
  9. Hospitality Management – Restaurant and Catering
  10. Hospitality Operations – Kitchen Management
  11. Hospitality Services
  12. Hotel, Resort and Restaurant Management


  1. Conestoga College



Conestoga College is another college in Canada offering skills required for employment in the hotel management industry. Students are taught to anticipate and train in the complexities of operations and appreciation of serves and fine food and be ready to face the real world hotel management challenges. Students are taught from the basics of social interaction to the expertise required for particular areas.




  1. Bartending
  2. Cook I (Apprenticeship)
  3. Cook II (Apprenticeship)
  4. Culinary Fundamentals
  5. Culinary Management (Co-op)
  6. Culinary Skills – Chef Training (Co-op)
  7. Event Management (Graduate Certificate)
  8. Food Service Worker
  9. Hospitality and Tourism Management (Co-op)
  10. Hospitality Management – Hotel and Restaurant (Co-op)
  11. Hospitality Operations – Food and Beverage


  1. Lambton College


Lambton College is among the leading and finest colleges for Hospitality and Hotel Management. Students are taught through practical learning.



  1. Cook Apprenticeship
  2. Culinary Management
  3. Food Service Worker
  4. Hospitality & Tourism Management
  5. Hospitality Management (International Intake)


Tuition Fee for Hotel Management in Canada

The average tuition fee for a Hotel management course in Canada is approximately $7000 to $9000 for a semester and can go till $15,000 depending on the study course you are planning to take. Further, as one can work part time for 20 hours per week one can earn while studying and reduce financial cost of bearing the study cost. Other than this there are numerous Canadian scholarships for bright students available.  Accommodation and utilities are other cost one needs to keep in mind while planning on taking the road of Hotel Management for a good career in Canada.


Salaries after a degree in Hotel Management in Canada

Following are the numbers estimated on an average yearly for different profiles for students after getting degree in Hotel Management courses in Canada:

  1. General Manager-$90,000
  2. Hotel Manager-$51,675
  3. Front Office Manager-$50,000
  4. Hotel Assistance Manager-$49,725
  5. Housekeeping supervisor-$44,850


Work Rights and Permanent Residency Options after Hotel Management in Canada


Students after completing their courses in hotel management in Canada can definitely apply for a post-study work permit depending on the duration of their course. In case your course is for 2-3 years similar years of post-study work permit are provided. Your Canada study consultant in Chandigarh can guide you on the same. Further, on successfully gaining work experience one can apply for Canada PR programs such as Express Entry or settle in a particular province with express entry linked Provincial Nominee Program for Canada.


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