List of Colleges in Canada for 2021 Intake


Canada is among the leading choice among Indian students planning to apply for post secondary education in Canada. Aspiring students who plan on enrolling to different colleges in Canada for 2021 intake would need to keep in mind various points before selecting the best colleges in Canada for coming intake. There are various factors such as academic reputation, teaching methodologies, faculty student ratio and leading faculties to assist you in your research endeavors, international student ratio, facilities, tuition cost and living situation nearby.


To assist you in your search for list of colleges in Canada for 2021 intake here is a list as per the QS standards:


Universities in Canada for 2021



10: University of Calgary



  1. The University of Calgary is ranked at 246 globally as per QS.
  2. The university is listed in the top 6 comprehensive research universities which mean that the research programs offered by this university are remarkable.
  3. The university has more than 250 programs and graduate employment rate is marked at 94.1%.
  4. University of Calgary attracts 33,000 students annually.
  5. The research focused programs focus on six global priorities which can address global needs: Energy innovation, Human dynamics, health and well being engineered solutions, Earth space technology, Brain and mental health, chronic diseases.



9: Queen’s University


  1. The global ranking as per QS standards is 246 for Queen’s University.
  2. The University is located in Kingston in the province of Ontario and offers one of the best scenic views.
  3. The university is home to international students from more than 100 countries and Canadian students and is ranked 3rds in student satisfaction making it a favorite choice among Indian students.
  4. The University is ranked 5th for medical-doctoral universities in Canada.
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  6. The Queen’s University scored high on the employer status metric, which implies that Queen’s graduates are likely to be highly regarded by their employers.



8: Western University


  1. The global ranking as per QS for Western University is 203.
  2. The university has performed well in the citations per faculty indicator which means that a large number of students are able to successfully publish a high volume of excellent research papers.


7: University of Waterloo


  1. The global ranking for University of Waterloo as per QS standards is 166.
  2. The university jumped various places to come in the list of colleges in Canada for 2021 intake and has been considered widely for being the most innovative university in Canada.
  3. The pioneering co-op programs and experimental learning makes it a sought after name for college in Canada for 2021 intake.
  4. The university boasts of more than 7100 employers and its many members, every year along with industry leaders have been creating cooperative education opportunities for students to bring about dynamic academic facilities.
  5. With quality paid work regulations, students have been able to apply their theoretical knowledge outside classroom environment at leading workplaces and make gainful profits to assist their own education while harnessing skills for future employment market.


6: McMaster University


  1. Mcmaster University is ranked 144 according to global ranking.
  2. Mcmaster is known for its prestigious medical school and is one of the top three research intensive Canadian University.
  3. The key research areas targeted at McMaster is Social
  4. Here are some key areas of research that McMaster is focusing on: Human health and social determinants, global sustainability, materials and the built society and Indigenous Research.


5: University of Alberta


  1. The global ranking for University of Alberta is 119.
  2. University of Alberta is located in Edmonton and the university has earned highest score for faculty indicator.
  3. This has resulted in 40,000 international students from more than 150 countries being welcomed every year.
  4. The school is regarded for its strength in agriculture, social sciences and medicine.


4: University of Montréal


  1. Université de Montréal is ranked 118 on the global rankings.
  2. Université de Montréal presently has beaten University of Alberta in QS university rankings to achieve the fourth place in colleges in Canada for 2021 intake.
  3. The university is primarly a french-speaking research university in Montreal, and is prominent for its life sciences and medicine programs ,pharmacy and pharmacology school which has resulted in it being a leading name for Canadian college in Canada for 2021 intake.
  4. The university of Montreal is ranked 36th globally for the level of contentment that employers have for its graduates.


3: University of British Columbia


  1. The University of British Columbia is globally ranked 45th on the QS standards.
  2. The UBC in Canada or University of British Columbia is one of the finest universities for medical and doctoral schools.
  3. Due to its global standing, University of British Columbia receives more than 15,000 international students every year, which accounts for 28.1% of overall number of students.
  4. UBC ranks number one globally for climate change action and sustainable research.
  5. The University of British Columbia ranked among the leading names for promoting resource and energy efficiency.


2: McGill University

  1. McGill University ranked globally at 31st
  2. The University is location in Montreal and is considered the second best university in Canada for 2021 intake.
  3. It is one of the most prestigious schools in the world and its alumni include world leaders such as Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, Artist William Shatner, Julia Payette Governor General of Canada and many other prominent figures in arts, sciences and business.


1: University of Toronto


  1. The global ranking for the University of Toronto is 25th.
  2. It has rose four places in colleges or Universities in Canada for 2021 intake, majorly due to its academic reputation score while it ranks 15th
  3. The university is ranked for producing leaders of tomorrow according to Maclean survey 2020.
  4. The university is leading institute for learning, discovery and innovation. The University of Toronto celebrated diverse student body and has been fostering international relations with institutes all over the world.
  5. This has resulted in an influx of international students choosing it has the leading choice for 2021 intake.
  6. It has approximately 95,000 students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate studies, of which 25,000 approximately are international students.



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