Visa Approval chances for study in Canada under non-SDS category


Students planning to apply for the Canada study program are aware of the benefits of a Canadian degree. Beginning with globally recognized education and degree there are numerous job opportunities and diverse employment streams you could diversify into. Secondly, the chance of staying in a multicultural society brings in overall development and confidence needed to face real-world challenges. There is also no denying the chance of getting ahead with the permanent residency opportunities once have stayed in the country for a certain duration of time. The benefit of availing free medical care and the perk of working while studying has been lucrative and the reason why students opts to study in Canada.



What is Non SDS category for study in Canada?



  1. To apply for the study in Canada program students can apply under two categories Student direct stream (SDS) or Non –Student direct stream (non-SDS).
  2. Both these study in Canada categories have different requirements and based on your own IELTS score you could apply to either of the programs.
  3. Both of SDS and non-SDS category have different approval time for a study visa.



What is the IELTS requirement for study in Canada under non-SDS category?



  1. In case you have IELTS 6 in all sections of reading, writing, listening, and speaking then you can apply in the SDS category.
  2. However, in case your score in IELTS is not 6 and you score 5.5 in one module. Then you can apply under the non-SDS category.
  3. Your best Canada education consultants in Chandigarh can assist you in ensuring your study in Canada requirements are understood and a program to apply for fast visa approval is suggested accordingly.



What are the requirements for the non-SDS category for faster visa approval chances?



For Non-SDS–The requirements are as follow:


  1. Funds for paying tuition fee for entire first year.
  2. Proof of funds of successive payment plan for how you will pay for second year and follow.
  3. Letter of acceptance from your DLI.
  4. GIC certificate for CAD $10,000.
  5. Upfront medical is required.


For SDS- Student Direct Stream -The requirements are as follow:

  1. You need to have an IELTS test score of minimum of 6 bands in each module.
  2. You would be required to deposit the tuition fees for the first year at your DLI after receiving a letter of acceptance.
  3. Ensure your Canadian institute or university has a designated learning institution number.
  4. You would be required to have a GIC of CAD $10,000.



What factors determine the faster visa approval chances for study in Canada under non-SDS category?



There are numerous factors that determine faster visa approval chances for study in Canada:

  1. Your acceptance letter for the designated learning institute.
  2. Valid passport
  3. Financial sufficiency
  4. Police certificate
  5. Upfront medical
  6. GIC certificate of CAD $10,000
  7. Well drafted SOP



What is the time duration for study in Canada under non-SDS category visa approval?



  1. The time duration for study in Canada under non-SDS category visa approval is approximately 7 weeks.
  2. However, your best Canada education consultants in Chandigarh can assist you in applying with all documentation quickly and without any hassle.



What are the charges for study in Canada under non-SDS category?



  1. Study in Canada is affordable and you need an average of CAD 15000 to CAD 20000.
  2.  The cost of living is around CAD$ 10,000 on an average for a year.
  3. Your cost of living depends upon where you live and how you choose to live.
  4. Students may find that some places are cheaper to live in Canada as compared to others.
  5. The general expenses a student has to pay are accommodation, power, groceries, transport, etc





Can my spouse get permission to join me?



  1. Your spouse can apply as a dependent and apply for open work permit or dependent visa.
  2. The requirements for applying for open work permit would include proofs of relationship and other documents that verify your relationship with your spouse. Your Canada immigration consultant in Chandigarh can assist you and offer you complete details on the process.
  3. For this, you should be admitted in a designated learning institute and with a registered number and presently enrolled in the DLI for study in the Canada program.


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